Contactless payments quickly embraced in Netherlands

Photo: JurgenNLPhoto: JurgenNL

Minister of Security and Justice Ivo Opstelten made the three millionth contactless payment in the Netherlands on Monday. The purchase was made at a Kruidvat in Leidschendam, Zuid Holland, with Opstelten speaking to reporters about advances in technology paving the way for Dutch consumers to keep their wallets in their pockets at the checkout counter.

“Contactless machines make it even easier for customers to make payments quickly and safely,” the minister said.

As of October, retailers are operating with nearly 47,000 contactless payment machines, allowing consumers to pay for small transactions under 25 euros without entering a PIN.

As much as 60 percent of transactions in the Netherlands are in cash, but that number jumps to 75 percent for purchases under ten euros, reports.

The Dutch payments association expects that more entrepreneurs will switch to contactless payment systems to continue eliminating cash transactions, making them less susceptible to robbery.