Hurricane Cristobal brings good weather to NL

Tropical hurricane Cristobal will be responsible for bringing good weather to The Netherlands this September. The high pressure area that will come about to the east of the bad weather system will cause Dutch weather to be stable, and warmer than it has been, De Weekkrant reports.

Tropical hurricane Cristobal is currently active towards the West of Bermuda, raging at wind forces of 165 kilometers per hour. This hurricane will have a positive influence over our weather. The hurricane will travel north in the coming days. The tropical characteristics of the hurricane will be lost as it arrives in colder climates south of Iceland and as the storm loses power. Warm air will be pushed up to the north. This warmth in the air stream will create a high pressure area. Next week, this high pressure areas will influence Dutch weather for at least several days. Warm temperatures, possibly above 20 degrees, and mostly dry days will be with us in September. In the last weeks, another hurricane has been responsible for the rainy, cold days. Remains from tropical storm Bertha drifted over The Netherlands, causing wind, rain and thunder storms. It cut Summer off short. Now, Cristobal will turn this around.