Week in review: December 28-January 3

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The round-up of some of this week’s most noteworthy events and news stories features the selection of two Dutch for Mars travel, One.com won’t follow Gmail on Wilders Anti-Islam Stickers, the Dutch economy falling sharply on global ranking, the bankruptcy of Aldel, a wrap up of New Year's damages, a giant yellow duck of Dutch make that bursts in Taiwan, and YouTube, Spotify blocked in trains.Two Dutch were selected in the run-up to establish a . The Red Planet, as Mars is called, is the fourth planet from the sun.

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The Centre for Economic and Business Research (CEBR) predicts the Dutch economy will drop from the eighteenth to the thirtieth place in the . A return to the guilder would probably benefit the .

With the new year on the doorstep and everybody preparing for the celebration of New Year's Eve, received word their company was bankrupt. The PVV pleaded to do whatever necessary to save Aldel, even if it meant breaking . Protesting groups have started , starting with the new year's reception in the Provincial House in Groningen. will remain open, at least for January, in an attempt to help the company make a new start. At least a thousand people gathered Friday afternoon in a peaceful march to the town Hal in Delfzijl, where they burned the letter Minister Kamp from Economic Affairs sent to Parliament concerning Aldel's bankruptcy.

New Year's Eve is the time offor many enthusiasts, and the time of nuisance for an of . The fireworks nuisance hotline gathered more complaints compared to last year. were hindered in their work and even attacked and calls go up to and punishments for year's end . The have also been some reports of against . The celebrations were good for in total damages, a few , and 800 arrests.

Dutch artist, Florentijn Hofman, created a that was supposed to attract a large crowd in the countdown to the new year. The duck exploded on Tuesday, before the new year.

The Netherlands Consumer and Market Authority (ACM) is investigating the legality of restricting traffic on an open network. If legal, the NS may decide to to YouTube and Spotify on their trains.

does not plan to follow in Google's foot steps and close the account Wilders opened with them to distribute his anti-Islam sticker, even though a clause in their terms of agreement forbids customers from using servers for offensive material.

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