Week in review: November 2-8

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The round-up of some of this week’s most noteworthy events and news stories features: two mechanics killed in a fire in a wind turbine, the Filipino Sweety attracts a thousand child molesters,  an F-16 damages a control tower, eight police officers injured by soccer fans, Labour support for F-35 purchases, and the permanent Body World's exhibition.

Windmills: On October 29 a wind turbine caught fire in Ooltgensplaat on Goeree-Overflakkee, costing the lives of two mechanics. Four mechanics were at work in the wind turbine on the Mariadijk, about 80 meters above ground. Read the full story

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Greenpeace: Russia may have the upper hand in the case surrounding the captured Greenpeace activists, according to maritime lawyer Hein Kernkamp to news agency BNR. During the session the judges really zoomed in on the incident with the rubber boats, where the activists violated Article 60 of the International Maritime Law and the laws of the Russian Federation. A few hours before the meeting between the Royal Dutch couple and president Putin a Russian spokesperson stated in a press conference Netherlands was to blame for the arrest of the Greenpeace activists. Greenpeace released video footage:




Crime: Filipino 'Sweety' attracts a thousand child molesters: Children’s charity organization Terre des Hommes traced over a thousand child molesters on the internet through a virtual Filipino girl. Among these were twenty Dutch. Read the full story


Entertainment: Permanent corpses exhibition in Amsterdam: Amsterdam gets a permanent Body Worlds exhibition. As of January 16  plasticized corpses and body parts will be displayed in the former American Express office on the Damrak.Body Worlds is a project
of the German anatomist Gunther von Hagens. Read the full story




Netherlands: Eight police officers injured in Amsterdam: Prior to the match Ajax-Celtic in Amsterdam, eight officers in plainclothes were injured near the Damstraat. They were besieged by Ajax and Celtic fans. As a result the ME intensified their Charges on Ajax and Celtic supporters

Labour party gives ok to buy 37 F-35 fighter planes: The Labour Party said it supports the government’s decision to purchase 37 F-35 Joint Strike Fighters (JSF), Nos television reports Wednesday. Read the full story

F-16 damages control tower Vlieland with canon: An F-16 damaged the control tower of the military training area Vliehors on Vlieland with its mounted gun.The accident occurred
Monday afternoon when the fighter fired on a ground target, but hit the tower instead.









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