Amsterdam Stock Exchange

Beursplein 5, home of the Euronext Amsterdam stock exchange
Apr 7 '20 20:40

The Amsterdam stock exchange index, AEX, has today recovered nearly half of its losses since falling from its highs in mid-February. The rally comes as European stocks climbed for a second consecutive day as the markets began pricing in data suggesting that the spread of Covid-19 is slowly being brought under control.

The AEX jumped by almost 13 points from Monday's 489.82 close, with the price at today’s open rising sharply to 503.97. The index maintained its rally for most of the day’s trading, giving back some gains from the open to close 10 points higher (2.05 percent).

Adyen card payment terminal
Jun 12 '18 09:00

Amsterdam based fintech company Adyen set the price of its initial public offering at 240 euros per share. That gives the payment service provider a valuation of over 7 billion euros, ANP reports.

Adyen previously offered its shares to selected investors for an indicative price of between 220 euros and 240 euros each. The company is debuting on the Amsterdam stock exchange on Wednesday.

Euronext Amsterdam stock exchange
Feb 6 '18 10:06

The stock exchanges in Europe opened with strong minuses on Tuesday following heavy exchange losses in Asia and on Wall Street. The AEX index on Beursplein 5 in Amsterdam recorded 3.5 percent lower at 523.69 points shortly after start of trading. All 25 main funds were in the red, AD reports. 

The MidKap plunged 3.8 percent to 785.67 points and the stock exchanges in London, Paris and Frankfurt saw a 3 percent drop in value.

Mar 17 '17 14:15

The top executives of companies listed on the Amsterdam stock exchange AEX earned an average of 5 million euros last year, about 1 percent more than the year before, according to an analysis done by the Volkskrant. 

Jun 10 '16 13:05

Insurance firm ASR hit the Amsterdam stock exchange at 19.50 euros per share on Friday. The total valuation thus amounts to over 2.9 billion euros

Jun 10 '16 12:33

Fitness chain Basic-Fit hit the Amsterdam Euronext stock exchange at 15 euros per share on Friday. This gives Basic Fit a market capitalization of 820 million euros and a so-called business value of 994 million euros

light bulb
May 27 '16 07:50

Philips Lighting shares will be selling for 20 euros each, the company announced. A total of about 37.5 million shares are hitting the stock exchange in Amsterdam today

light bulb
May 3 '16 08:52

Philips' Lighting division is heading to the stock exchange in Amsterdam, the electronics company announced on Tuesday. Philips wants to give its complete attention to health technology and is therefore splitting from the lighting division

ABN Amro
Nov 20 '15 07:52

ABN Amro hits the public market on Friday at 17.75 euros per share, in line with what was expected. Trading starts on Euronext Amsterdam at 9:00 a.m. with the stock symbol of AMS:ABN

Euronext Amsterdam stock exchange
Aug 24 '15 16:33

The Euronext Amsterdam stock market suffered its biggest loss in ten years on Monday, plunging to a loss of almost nine percent. Dubbed AEX, the Amsterdam exchange is currently standing on 404 points, suggesting that the ongoing Chinese stock market crisis has managed to evaporate the whole year's earnings in a matter of weeks.

Jun 29 '15 15:25

The Amsterdam stock exchange opened the AEX significantly lower on Monday morning due to the escalation of the Greek financial crisis.

no image
May 20 '15 15:39

Most companies do not invest enough in their cyber security, writes the consultancy company KPMG in their Cybersecurity Benchmark report. Only 40 percent of companies listed on the Euronext Amsterdam and its Index Midkap handle the issue on the top executive level, the company notes.

Feb 4 '15 12:32

Gin and liqueur producer Lucas Bols hit the Amsterdam stock exchange today with shares at 15.75 euros each. With this price the company seems to refer directly to its ancient history - the first Bols gin was distilled in 1575 in Amsterdam.

no image
Nov 16 '14 16:47

Dozens of people in Amsterdam protested the inclusion of Zwarte Piet in the city’s annual Sinterklaas parade. Protestors were corralled in Beursplein in front of the city’s centrally-located stock exchange during Sunday’s event.

Nationale Nederlanden
Jun 5 '14 11:25

ING has announced that it is brining its insurance branch to the Amsterdam stock exchange in an IPO move. This may take place within two months, the NOS reports.

no image
Jan 31 '14 15:18

Cable operator Altice has raised €1.3 billion in its initial public offering (IPO) at the Amsterdam Stock Exchange, Bloomberg News reports.

Jan 8 '14 14:25

Telecom company Altice SA wants to list its shares on the Amsterdam stock exchange and wants to raise about 750 million euros in an initial public offering (IPO).

no image
Nov 9 '13 00:21

The round-up of some of this week’s most noteworthy events and news stories features: two mechanics killed in a fire in a wind turbine, the Filipino Sweety attracts a thousand child molesters, an F-16 damages a control tower, eight police officers injured by soccer fans, Labour support for F-35 purchases, and the permanent Body World's exhibition.

no image
Nov 7 '13 14:24

Her Majesty Queen Máxima attended the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Stock Exchange building on Beursplein 5 in Amsterdam, Wednesday November 6.

no image
Aug 19 '13 08:48

Dutch luxury and supercar company Spyker released a statement that it will be removed from the Amsterdam stock exchange on September 13.

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