Arctic Sunrise

May 17 '19 16:41

Russia has agreed to pay 2.7 million euro to the Netherlands as part of a final settlement to end the dispute over a 2013 incident where Russian personnel boarded a Greenpeace ship. The amount is less than the 7 million originally sought by Greenpeace and the Netherlands, and half the amount awarded at arbitration.

Aug 25 '15 13:17

Russia violated international law when boarding the Dutch Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise in 2013 and arresting the 30 crew members on board, and will have to pay compensation to the Netherlands. Greenpeace has filed a compensation claim of 7 million euros plus interest.

Aug 1 '14 14:27

The Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise is on its way back to The Netherlands after being seized by the Russian coastguard in Murmansk in September of last year, De Volkskrant reports.

Jun 6 '14 14:01

The Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise will be returned from Russia where it has been chained to the docks in Murmansk for several months. The Russian commission has conducted investigations on the vessel. The state of the ship is not clear.

Police sign
May 27 '14 08:03

Police have ended a Greenpeace action in the harbor of Ijmuiden. The environmental activists' group held the Saturn drilling rig to the pier with chains, to prevent the rig from going to the North Pole area for the Russian state company Gazprom, the NOS reports.

May 1 '14 14:59

In the Rotterdam harbor, 30 activists from Greenpeace were arrested on Thursday morning. The group was protesting the controversial Russian Mikhail Ulyanov oil tanker with two ships, including the Rainbow Warrior.

Jan 16 '14 04:33

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs published a 153-page-report on human rights in the European Union on its website, Wednesday, of which 9 pages (in the English version) are dedicated to the Netherlands.

Dec 28 '13 04:34

Greenpeace activists Faiza Oulahsen and Mannes Ubels are back in the Netherlands. Their flight arrived from St. Petersburg and landed on Schiphol Friday evening around 19:45.

Dec 25 '13 19:56

On Wednesday, Russia officially dropped criminal charges against Greenpeace activists arrested in a protest over Arctic oil drilling.

Dec 17 '13 12:55

Rotterdam has decided not to punish the Rotterdam Philharmonic Gergiev Festival for statements made by the group's namesake linking homosexuals and pedophiles. On Sunday, the largest party on the city council, PvdA, demanded conductor Valery Gergiev's resignation for his September comments.

Dec 13 '13 12:36

Russia has informed Greenpeace activists that they cannot leave the country, reports North Devon Journal reports Friday.

Dec 2 '13 14:23

Greenpeace campaigner, Mannes Ubels, will not rejoin a similar action to that for which he was thrown in jail in Russia. "You assume that you have certain rights, and then it appears that the law is interpreted quite differently. That was a hard lesson. It's too risky for me to do that again," stated Ubels in an interview with

Nov 29 '13 04:34

The bank guarantee for the release of the Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise is almost ready, reported a spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Thursday.

Nov 23 '13 04:31

The round-up of some of this week’s most noteworthy events and news stories features: singer Trijntje Oosterhuis underestimates the power of social media, the arrival of Sinterklaas and his helpers in The Netherlands, Hungarian pimps arrested for human trafficking, diplomats assault a reporter, 'Holland's got Talent' and 'RTL Late Night' in the spotlight for racism, an Euro Atlantic Airways aircraft continues to it destination despite potentially dangerous problems, and Joran van der Sloot demanding a new trial.

Nov 21 '13 14:10

Three more Greenpeace activists were released by the Russian court in St. Petersburg on bail, The Associated Press reports.

Nov 20 '13 04:37

A court in St. Petersburg ruled Tuesday that a number of non-Russian Greenpeace activists were to be released on bail. It concerned a woman from Brazil, a man from New Zealand, and a Polish man, reported Greenpeace

Nov 19 '13 04:43

Three Russians, including a doctor and a photographer, who were on board the Dutch ship Arctic Sunrise, may be released on bail, ruled the court in St. Petersburg Monday

Nov 9 '13 00:21

The round-up of some of this week’s most noteworthy events and news stories features: two mechanics killed in a fire in a wind turbine, the Filipino Sweety attracts a thousand child molesters, an F-16 damages a control tower, eight police officers injured by soccer fans, Labour support for F-35 purchases, and the permanent Body World's exhibition.

Nov 9 '13 00:04

On the day of the visit of King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima a spokesperson for the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs blamed the Netherlands for the arrests of Greenpeace activists

Nov 9 '13 00:03

The official Human Rights Council of the Russian government insists the crew of the Arctic Sunrise be released, stated council chairman Mikhail Fedotov, Friday, reported the news agency Itar-Tass.

Nov 8 '13 16:26

Foreign Affairs Minister Frans Timmermans will speak to his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov on Saturday concerning sensitive issues that recently came up in the bilateral relations, announced Lavrov's spokesperson Friday

Nov 8 '13 15:11

Greenpeace posted footage of the boarding of the Arctic Sunrise on September 19 on the Internet. Members of the Russian coast guard lowered themselves from a helicopter on the deck and arrested the crew: 28 activists and two journalists. They were then transported to Murmansk with the ship.

Nov 7 '13 15:57

A letter from Minister Frans Timmermans (Foreign Affairs) to the House on the Dutch asylum policy for Russian lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LHBT's) caused a stir in Russia.

Nov 5 '13 15:30

The Greenpeace activists from the Arctic Sunrise violated the safety zone of the Russian oil rig and that is punishable, according to former Greenpeace captain Albert Kuiken in a letter to de Volkskrant.


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