Greenpeace leaves Arctic

The Greenpeace icebreaker Arctic Sunrise leaves the Northern Sea Route. The activists chose to leave the area, because the Russians threatened with violence.The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs stressed that Greenpeace has the right to demonstrate in the area. He pointed that out to Russia.

Arctic sunrise,
Wikimedia commons,

The environmental organization protests against oil drilling in the Kara Sea by the Russian State Oil Company Rosneft and the American ExxonMobil.

This morning the Russian coast guard threatened to open fire if Greenpeace would not allow an inspection. After inspection however, the Russians again threatened to open fire if Greenpeace would stay in the Northern Sea Route. Because of this threat the Arcitic icebreaker decided to fall back to the edge of the Northern Sea Route.

The Russians are violating UN convention with their actions, says the environmental organization. Furthermore the Russian coast guard has delimited an area of four nautical miles around a ship of the oil drilling company Rosneft. Nobody is allowed within the perimeters. That too, violates UN convention, because up to five hundred meters is allowed.