Greenpeace ship off to Moermansk

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The Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise, with two Dutch crew members aboard, is being directed to the northern Russian Moermansk. The campaign leader,  Faiza Oulahsen, reported this to the NOS. The 30 crew members are under arrest.Oulahsen could not say if Greenpeace would sail the ship, or if the Russian coastguard would take the command.

The two activists who were arrested yesterday on the drilling platform of the Russian energy company Gazprom, are back on the Arctic Sunrise. Everybody is gathered in the dining area. They have access to provisions.

Communication with the Russians is difficult at best. Only a few of them speak moderate English.

Arctic sunrise,
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The Russians took the Arctic Sunrise Wednesday afternoon. Greenpeace says about fifteen armed coast guard officers landed on the deck and arrested the crew.

The Arctic Sunrise conducted activities south of Nova Zembla against oil drilling by Gazprom. Yesterday, two activists were arrested when they went aboard an oil rig.

The Arctic Sunrise sails under the Dutch flag. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has agreed to help Greenpeace.