Bread and butter
Aug 14 '14 11:47

Because of the Russian boycott, the prices of milk powder and butter have dropped in price. Wholesale butter dropped from €342 to €335 per hundred kilograms, and milk powder from €292 to €257.

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Aug 1 '14 14:27

The Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise is on its way back to The Netherlands after being seized by the Russian coastguard in Murmansk in September of last year, De Volkskrant reports.

Frans Timmermans
Jul 22 '14 14:08

The Netherlands wants the European Union to come to stand unanimously against Russia's negligence in taking distance from pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine which is keeping tensions high in that area.

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Jun 13 '14 14:33

The largest Dutch pension administrator, APG, is not going to follow the lead of foreign administrators investing in durable energy, such as wind farms, and is choosing to put money into fossil fuels instead.

Police sign
May 27 '14 08:03

Police have ended a Greenpeace action in the harbor of Ijmuiden. The environmental activists' group held the Saturn drilling rig to the pier with chains, to prevent the rig from going to the North Pole area for the Russian state company Gazprom, the NOS reports.

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May 1 '14 14:59

In the Rotterdam harbor, 30 activists from Greenpeace were arrested on Thursday morning. The group was protesting the controversial Russian Mikhail Ulyanov oil tanker with two ships, including the Rainbow Warrior.

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Dec 2 '13 14:23

Greenpeace campaigner, Mannes Ubels, will not rejoin a similar action to that for which he was thrown in jail in Russia. "You assume that you have certain rights, and then it appears that the law is interpreted quite differently. That was a hard lesson. It's too risky for me to do that again," stated Ubels in an interview with

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Nov 26 '13 04:32

Greenpeace activists Mannes Ubels and Faiza Oulahsen continue campaigning . Two months in a Russian cell did not break their fighting spirit is, according to the two in an exclusive interview with Nieuwsuur, which was broadcast Monday night.

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Nov 19 '13 04:43

Three Russians, including a doctor and a photographer, who were on board the Dutch ship Arctic Sunrise, may be released on bail, ruled the court in St. Petersburg Monday

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Nov 9 '13 00:03

The official Human Rights Council of the Russian government insists the crew of the Arctic Sunrise be released, stated council chairman Mikhail Fedotov, Friday, reported the news agency Itar-Tass.

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Oct 31 '13 00:06

The case Netherlands filed against Russia at the International Tribunal will start Monday, November 4th, in Hamburg.

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Oct 26 '13 00:01

Court President Yanai sees it as a major problem that the Russians are boycotting the sessions, but the procedure must commence

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Sep 30 '13 02:52

The Dutch Greenpeace activists Faiza Oulahsen and Mannes Ubels will stay in a Russian cell for the next two months . The judge in Murmansk extended their detention.

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Sep 25 '13 02:35

The Arctic Sunrise crew, among which two Dutch, was transferred to the office of Inquiry in Russia.

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Sep 21 '13 02:08

Greenpeace has not been able to establish any radio contact with the crew of the Arctic Sunrise, since early Thursday evening. The crew of thirty, of which two Dutchmen, are held captive by the Russian coastguard.

no image
Sep 20 '13 02:17

Greenpeace re-established contact with the Arctic Sunrise and reports their ship that has been taken over by the Russian coastguard, south from Nova Zembla. Among the crew are two Dutch activists.

no image
Sep 20 '13 02:10

The Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise, with two Dutch crew members aboard, is being directed to the northern Russian Moermansk. The campaign leader, Faiza Oulahsen, reported this to the NOS. The 30 crew members are under arrest.

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