Dutch Arctic Sunrise members back in the Netherlands

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Greenpeace activists Faiza Oulahsen and Mannes Ubels are back in the Netherlands. Their flight arrived  from St. Petersburg and landed on Schiphol Friday evening around 19:45.Oulahsen and Ubels were released from a Russian prison, where they were locked up with 28 other crew members after campaigning on a Russian oil drilling platform. They were imprisoned, first in Murmansk, then in St. Petersburg. They were released on bail on November 20. This week Russia gave them amnesty and they were allowed to leave the country.

Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise / Flcikr

Friends and family were waiting for the duo on Schiphol. Shortly after landing Oulahsen and Ubels were reunited with their families. After the greetings they talked to the press.

Oulahsen stated she wasn't planning on quitting her work for the environmental organization. 'But in the same way? That is highly unlikely. We will have to be more creative.'

Ubels stated he would like to retrieve the Arctic Sunrise, which is still in the port of Murmansk.

The Greenpeace activists thanked everybody for their support over the past months.