Albert Heijn Removes Euro Shopper

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Albert Heijn (AH) will remove its budget line Euro Shopper from the supermarkets in the course of this year. Instead the chain will introduce AH Basic as a more price-quality consistent brand.

Albert Heijn introduced Euro Shopper in 1995, but the company is not 100 percent satisfied with the brand. “The price and the quality are not consistent enough. Some of the budget line’s prices are too close to other brands’ prices so they need to be adjusted. The quality of the products will remain the same,” according to an AH representative.

According to, the Director of Marketing & Format and Merchandising, Alfred Levi, said that recent research had concluded that the name Albert Heijn was one of the strongest food retail brands in the world, so it would be weird not to connect that name to the budget line. reported that AH will start with the replacement of five products this week and the approximately 500 remaining items will follow later.