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Oct 17 '18 11:20

The Netherlands is no longer one of the five best performing economies in the world, according to the World Economic Forum's rankings. In this year's ranking, the Netherlands came in sixth place, dropping two spots from last year's fourth, AD reports.

The best performing economy of the 140 economies tested is the United States. Singapore came in second place, followed by Germany and Switzerland. Japan completes the top five.

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Aug 11 '16 11:40

For the second quarter in a row, there was a decrease in unemployment among workers aged 55 years and older in the Netherlands, according to figures Statistics Netherlands released on Thursday.

Working Woman
Sep 22 '15 17:45

Despite a contraction of 41,000 managerial jobs in the Netherlands, a higher percentage of women held supervisory roles in the second quarter of 2015, newly-released data from Statistics Netherlands (CBS) shows. Women now hold over 26 percent of managerial positions at Dutch companies, an increase of 1.6 percent over the same period in 2014.

Working Woman
May 13 '15 16:25

The recovery of the labor market in the Netherlands is slowing down as compared to last year, figures published by Statistics Netherlands (CBS) show. The number of jobs increased, on balance, by six thousand to 9.8 million. In the last quarter of 2014, 40 thousand new jobs were created.

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Apr 16 '15 17:00

The number of people with jobs has increased by 18,000 in the last three months. In particular, it is young people who are more likely to pick up work.

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Mar 24 '15 16:03

Those who assist chronically ill friends and family members are more likely to take sick leave with their own employers, according to a new report issued by the Netherlands Institute for Social Research (SCL). The study on the effect of giving informal care to the elderly and chronically ill found that 15 percent of people have a more negative view of their health after providing care, compared to eight percent of non-carers who had a similar outlook over the same period of time.

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Mar 19 '15 11:12

There were fewer unemployed people in the Netherlands in February, reports Statistics Netherlands. The drop is due to the workforce decreasing by 13,000 people, while the number of employed remained virtually unchanged compared to January.

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Feb 26 '15 14:03

The number of unemployed people in the Netherlands increased with 2 thousand in January when compared with December 2014. Despite this the unemployment rate deceased with almost one percent to 7.2 percent. This is according to figures that Statistics Netherlands released today.

CBS Labour Cost Pie Chart
Dec 3 '14 15:38

Employees at Dutch firms cost employers an average of 33 euros per working hour, after all taxes, sick leave and holiday pay is factored in. Laborers in the mining industry cost the most, saddling employers with an average of price of 58 euros per hour, whereas hospitality industry workers cost an average of 18 euros per hour worked, according to Statistics Netherlands (CBS).

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Oct 16 '14 11:46

Unemployment in the Netherlands dropped for the fifth consecutive month last September, the Central Bureau for Statistics (CBS) has reported.

Sep 11 '14 15:53

The proportion of women sitting on company boards in the Netherlands has increased by 1.5 percent compared to 2013, but remains dramatically short of the government's 30-percent target. At the current rate, it will take 14 years for corporate boards to consist of at least 30 percent women, a milestone the Dutch government wants to reach by 2016.

Help Wanted
May 19 '14 10:56

The number of workers with flexible working times, including freelancers or temps, will increase rapidly in the coming years. According to research from TNO, last year one in four workers were part time workers. This number will increase in 2020 to amount to possible one third of the total work force.

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Mar 27 '13 02:54

For the first time since 1984, the Netherlands counts more than 600.000 unemployed people. According to the latest numbers of the Dutch Central Bureau of Statistics, Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek (CBS), unemployment increased sharply again in February, up to 7,7 percent.

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