Employers spend average of 33 euros per worker hour

Employees at Dutch firms cost employers an average of 33 euros per working hour, after all other costs are factored in. Laborers in the mining industry cost the most, saddling employers with an average of price of 58 euros per hour, whereas hospitality industry workers cost an average of 18 euros per hour worked, according to Statistics Netherlands (CBS).

Roughly 76 percent of all money spent goes to wages, while the remaining is comprised of leave, holiday pay, bonuses, and fringe benefits. Just over 56 percent of the workforce earns the minimum wage, a variable amount based on the employee's age. This is largely unchanged from a year earlier.

Paid leave, holidays and short absences represent 8.5 percent in labour costs. The private use of company cars, meals, staff discounts and other fringe benefits represents 1.7 percent of costs born by employers

A little over ten percent is spent on bonuses, holiday pay and profit incentives. Only three-quarters (76 percent) is spent on remuneration for services rendered, while the remaining is spent on unemployment benefits, disability and pension contributions, training, severance pay and sick leave pay.

With additional reporting by Zack Newmark