Jul 25 '16 10:55

Last year the wage costs to companies per hour worked increased by 0.6 percent, compared to 2014, Statistics Netherlands announced on Monday. That is the smallest increase in the past 20 years. The low increase can mainly be attributed to lower employers contributions.

Jul 1 '16 14:30

Amsterdam is most likely to take over from London as the financial capital of Europe in the wake of the Brexit, according to a ranking compiled by the New York Times. According to the newspaper, the Dutch capital's only flaw is the Netherlands' strict rules around bonuses.

Jan 26 '16 11:33

Bus operator Connexxion saved a massive 4.3 million liters of diesel last year by instructing their drivers to be relaxed about their driving. Less diesel consumption is not only better for the environment, but also for the drivers - each driver who demonstrably contributed to the result will receive a bonus,

Dec 17 '15 15:05

After months of police protests and demonstrations, the police unions and the Minister Ard van der Steur of Security and Justice finally reached a new collective bargaining agreement. Police employees will get between 6.5 and 6.7 percent increase in total over 2015, 2016 and 2017 and two windfalls of 500 euros, union ACP announced.

Dec 16 '15 13:25

Three quarters of the CEO's at listed Dutch companies are receiving a bigger bonus this year, according to the annual remuneration survey by Vlerick Business School among 669 listed companies in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Britain and France

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May 7 '15 10:51

For the first time in years holiday pay is declining in the Netherlands. The new tax rules are taking a big bite out o the annual bonuses of people earning one and a half to two times the average income

ABN Amro Logo
Apr 22 '15 14:08

ABN Amro executives are concerned about disagreements on asylum seekers between the coalition parties, reports FD based on interviews with top bank employees. The management is afraid that these disagreements may result in fall of the cabinet and delay the bank’s IPO.

Apr 8 '15 11:22

A Tweede Kamer hearing about remuneration in the financial sector became confrontational between MPs and three major companies’ executives Tuesday. Speaking in the lower house of parliament, representatives from ABN AMRO, Aegon and ING attempted to convince the public of the need to pay market-based salaries to attract qualified managers, reports NOS.

Apr 7 '15 18:17

Despite an ongoing public discussion into controversial pay raises approved for the executive board at Dutch bank ABN Amro, Finance Minister Jeroen Dijsselbloem sees an IPO as a possibility at some point in 2015. Dijsselbloem was once enthusiastic of the government-run bank being spun off, but that sentiment was dampened once the pay raise was publicly announced.

Mar 24 '15 16:10

Triodos Bank is expected to benefit significantly from the social outcry that followed last week’s steep salary increases at ING and ABN Amro. a thousand new customers signed up with the bank last weekend, which is around five times the norm, a spokesman for Triodos told broadcaster NOS.

Jan 5 '15 12:25

New legislation that would put a restrictive cap on the amount of cash bankers may collect in bonuses missed its proposed January 1 start date when last minute questions were asked by senators of coalition leader VVD. The law was previously lauded by coalition partner PvdA, the Dutch labour party, which has been at odds with the VVD after a health care bill failed to pass a Senate vote.

CBS Labour Cost Pie Chart
Dec 3 '14 15:38

Employees at Dutch firms cost employers an average of 33 euros per working hour, after all taxes, sick leave and holiday pay is factored in. Laborers in the mining industry cost the most, saddling employers with an average of price of 58 euros per hour, whereas hospitality industry workers cost an average of 18 euros per hour worked, according to Statistics Netherlands (CBS).

Nov 27 '13 04:32

A stricter rewards policy will not result in a dramatic decrease of overall bonuses in the financial sector. If bonuses go down, fixed salaries will just go up, predicts professor of financial economics in Tilburg, Sylvester Eijffinger.

Apr 26 '13 08:29

At the shareholders meeting of Heineken on Thursday, there was some commotion about the move of the Supervisory Board to grant CEO Jean-François van Boxmeer two extraordinary bonuses, one for his contributions to the acquisition of beverage group APB. 20 percent of the represented shareholders voted against the proposals, but at the end of the meeting Van Boxmeer was 4 million richer.

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