Relaxed bus driving saves Connexxion 4.3 million liters of diesel

Connexxion bus (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Bartjk)Connexxion bus (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Bartjk)

Bus operator Connexxion saved a massive 4.3 million liters of diesel last year by instructing their drivers to be relaxed about their driving. Less diesel consumption is not only better for the environment, but also for the drivers - each driver who demonstrably contributed to the result will receive a bonus, NOS reports.

Connexxion started a trial run with this driving style two years ago. Drivers attended a course where they were taught to approach a stop slowly, instead of ramming on the breaks. This simple change in driving style resulted in an 8.8 percent reduction of the annual 45 million liters of diesel consumption. The test's ultimate goal is to reduce fuel usage by 10 percent.

The bus operator is paying out a total of one million euros in bonuses to drivers who performed well. Top performers can look forward of a bonus between 500 and 800 euros.

In addition to reduced emissions and savings on diesel, this relaxed driving style also resulted in fewer fines, less damage and more on-time buses, according to the company.