NS DM'90 diesel train in Apeldoorn
Apr 14 '19 13:23

One person was killed in an explosion on a passenger train car in Nijmegen on Sunday morning. There were no passengers on the train at the time, which was sitting idle in a rail yard at the time of the powerful blast, police said.

Apr 10 '19 08:00

Petrol and diesel prices continue to rise. The national suggested retail price for a liter of Euro95 is currently 1.80 euros, the highest in five years. The suggested retail price for a liter of diesel is 1.46 euros. The petrol price increased by around 20 cents since the start of this year, the diesel price by about 10 cents, NOS reports.

May 28 '18 11:00

The monthly costs of driving an electric car is now cheaper in the Netherlands than diesel cars, according to lease company LeasePlan's annual Car Cost Index. Norway is the only country in Europe where driving electric is cheaper than driving in both petrol or diesel cars, AD reports.

The Car Cost Index covers 21 countries and analyzes the costs involved in owning a small or medium sized car. The total cost of ownership includes things like fuel, depreciation, taxes, insurance and maintenance.

An Alstom Coradia iLint in Berlin, Sept 2016
Oct 12 '17 10:00

The provinces of Friesland and Groningen, with rail manager ProRail, plan to start testing a train running on hydrogen next year. The provinces hope that hydrogen will prove to be a cheap and sustainable alternative to the diesel trains currently running between Leeuwarden and Groningen, the Volkskrant reports.

Nov 10 '16 09:59

Inflation in the Netherlands increased to 0.4 percent in October, the highest level of the past six months, according to Statistics Netherlands on Thursday. In September inflation was still at 0.1 percent. 

According to Statistics Netherlands, the increase in inflation can mainly be attributed to higher petrol and diesel prices. In October a liter of gasoline cost 1.52 euros on average, 4 cents more than a year earlier. The price of motor fuels hasn't been this high in over a year, according to the statistics office.

Oct 14 '16 17:32

Nearly half of diesel cars were found to be using software that manipulated the emissions so they would be granted environmental certification, new research by the Netherlands Vehicle Authority (RDW) shows. The evidence could trigger massive automotive recalls across the country.

The RDW tested 30 different models, of which 16 were using software that potentially causes fraudulent results, broadcaster NOS reported on Friday.

May 19 '16 12:05

Delivery vans that run on Diesel emit an average of 6 times more nitrogen oxide than the European limit of 280 milligrams per kilometer, according to a study by research institute TNO

Feb 16 '16 10:53

The Ministry of Defense wants to reduce its use of fossil fuels like oil and gas by 70 percent in 2050. Increased dependency on more fuel cause problems during operations, Minister Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert writes in her Operational Energy Strategy

Jan 26 '16 11:33

Bus operator Connexxion saved a massive 4.3 million liters of diesel last year by instructing their drivers to be relaxed about their driving. Less diesel consumption is not only better for the environment, but also for the drivers - each driver who demonstrably contributed to the result will receive a bonus,

Jan 20 '16 14:55

Petrol prices in the Netherlands dropped to 1.30 euros per liter for the first time in six years today

Sep 29 '15 14:05

A spokesperson from Pon’s, the company that imports Volkswagens (VW) into the Netherlands, told NU.nl on Monday that it has stopped selling diesel cars with suspicious engines. The announcement was made in response to the emissions scam that has plagued VW in recent weeks, regarding their Euro 5 diesel engine type EA 189.

Aug 25 '15 11:27

The low oil prices can finally be noticed at filling stations, though the price decline is slower for petrol than for diesel. Since the first week in July, diesel prices have fallen nearly 8.5 percent, while petrol prices fell less than six percent.

Feb 19 '15 13:51

The increased excise on LPG and diesel raised an extra 102 million euros for the treasury last year, Secretary of State Eric Wiebes (Finance) reported to the Tweede Kamer (lower house of parliament) on Wednesday, De Telegraaf reports.

Feb 12 '15 11:49

Diesel thieves have come up with a new way to steal thousands of liters of fuel in a short amount of time. They drive by unmanned pumping stations with prepared trucks and suck the fuel straight from the underground storage tanks.

Feb 3 '15 17:16

Two fuel stations near the Dutch borders lost their lawsuit against the Netherlands over a hike in fuel taxes. The judge on Friday rejected their petition for the Dutch government to pay an advance on damages they suffer as a result from climbing taxes, sending their customers to cheaper filling stations across the border.

Jan 14 '15 12:04

With oil prices continue to slide on the global market, petrol and diesel buyers are seeing the result at the pump. Euro 95 petrol in the Netherlands dropped as low as €1.36 per liter, a price spotted at the SuperTank in Lelystad.

Dec 12 '14 12:54

As of January 1st, the excise tax on petrol, diesel and LPG will be even higher. Nove, the trade association for the independent fuel trade, wants the Second Chamber to cancel this increase.

Dec 4 '14 13:13

Two filling stations in the border region filed a legal suit against the State of the Netherlands. They say that they were severely affected by the consequences of the tax increase which came in force early this year.

Nov 3 '14 10:21

State Secretary of Finance Eric Wiebes (VVD) and the coalition parties PvdA and VVD have reached an agreement on an adjusted plan for car tax and lease cars.

Aug 26 '14 15:00

During the first half of this year 200 million liter less diesel was sold than during the same period last year.

May 28 '14 08:32

The excise taxes on petrol, lpg (liquefied petroleum gas) and diesel will not go down despite action from gas station owners and the opposition in Parliament. They insisted on the plan to cut excise tax down, because petrol stations in the border region with Germany and Belgium are struggling. The branch organization argued that the government is only losing money on the excise tax hike.

Mar 19 '14 08:19

The increase of the excises on diesel and lpg (liquefied petroleum gas) seems to be filling the treasury for the time being. The surprising outcome comes from a letter by Eric Wiebes, state secretary of Finance.

Feb 7 '14 15:59

The Dutch government missed out on 65 million euros in consumer tax and value added tax (VAT) in January alone, according to calculations of the Bovag (a union of automobile merchants and mechanics).

Oct 16 '13 00:02

Zuid-Holland police arrested three people for large-scale theft and embezzlement of fuels. They worked together with skippers, transport companies and other large consumers of fuel.


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