Management jobs disappear as more women become supervisors

Despite a contraction of 41,000 managerial jobs in the Netherlands, a higher percentage of women held supervisory roles in the second quarter of 2015, newly-released data from Statistics Netherlands (CBS) shows. Women now hold over 26 percent of managerial positions at Dutch companies, an increase of 1.6 percent over the same period in 2014.

Still, the number of women in management dropped from 130 thousand to 128 thousand, compared to a year earlier, while 39,000 men were cut from managerial roles, down to 361 thousand.

There are now 2.8 male managers for every one female manager, a decrease from 3.1 to one.

Roughly ten percent of all working men hold a management position, down from 11 percent. Meanwhile, 8.5 percent of working women hold full-time supervisory roles.

The CBS also noted that about 75 percent of women in the workforce hold part time jobs, versus 25 percent of men.