Dutch F-35 Joint Strike Fighter by Lockheed Martin
Apr 13 '17 17:00

The Netherlands will provide the first space outside the United States to test engines for the Joint Strike Fighter jet programme, the Dutch Defense ministry announced on Thursday. A test facility will be built in Woensdrecht, Noord-Brabant with equipment, spare parts and training provided by engine manufactuer Pratt & Whitney.

The ministry, Noord-Brabant as well as the Economic Affairs ministry will invest in a maintenance workshop and testing ground. It is expected to provide work for specialists through 2049, the Defense ministry stated.

May 6 '15 10:51

It is too dangerous to continue working with chromium paint in the outdated spray booth at the Leeuwarden airbase. The carcinogenic substance is not sufficiently disposed of in the Leeuwarden spray booth and that the concentration in the air is sometimes 27 times higher than allowed.

Feb 4 '14 08:57

The maintenance branch of aircraft manufacturers Fokker will cut 200 of the nearly 730 jobs in the Netherlands.  Fokker Services hopes this will help to stagnate the pressure of decreasing turnovers for the maintenance of old Fokker aircrafts, and increase efficiency. This is from an announcement Fokker made yesterday. The measures are unavoidable, says Fokker Services director Peter Somers.

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