Jul 17 '17 08:09

Another two people drowned in the Netherlands on Sunday night. A 3-year-old girl died in a hospital shortly after she was found in a watery ditch in Leerdam. And a man drowned in the Oosterschelde after disappearing underwater while swimming.

Feb 16 '15 17:34

A large whale was spotted swimming at the height of Zeeland bridge in Oosterschelde estuary on Saturday. Experts say it is probably a humpback whale.

Feb 8 '14 04:31

A rare pink pelican was spotted in the village Wemeldinge in Zealand, Friday morning. The last time a pink pelican was spotted in the Netherlands was in 2006 in Den Helder, according to forester Ted Sluijter of "Natuurmonumenten."

Aug 13 '13 07:29

Three people have been missing after a German gas tanker hit a sailboat on a canal and pulled it to the water. A victim was brought to a hospital.