Water Boards

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Feb 13 '16 08:30

The small Noord-Holland town of Enkhuizen is among the European towns and cities with the highest drug use per inhabitant, according to a study done on the drug content in sewage by water boards all over Europe. Per inhabitant, Enkhuizen residents use 8 times more amphetamine than Amsterdam residents

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Dec 29 '15 14:35

Every year over December Dutch people use 5 million liters of oil to make millions of their New Year's snacks oliebollen - tennis ball-sized lumps of fried dough smothered in powdered sugar. Reest and Wieden and other water boards are concerned about how much of that oil end up in the drains.

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Sep 30 '14 11:15

A new app has been developed that shows people living in The Netherlands what will happen to their flats during a flood. The app, developed by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment, shows that 60 percent of The Netherlands is at risk of flooding.

Neeltje Jans
Sep 17 '14 10:38

New measures to protect The Netherlands from flooding and to secure fresh water have been taken up in the new Delta Plan, which is receiving €20 billion in investment over the next 30 years, De Volkskrant reports.

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