New app warns of flooding in the NL

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A new app has been developed that shows people living in The Netherlands what will happen to their flats during a flood. The app, developed by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment, shows that 60 percent of The Netherlands is at risk of flooding. 

People can fill in their postal codes, and the app shows them how high the water level will rise and what they have to do if a large flood is threatened.

The app, available at, reveals that 60 percent of The Netherlands can flood, and that Zeeland will be one of the first areas to be under water if a large-scale flood should happen.

The Ministry of Infrastructure of Environment has worked together with its water management sector Rijkswaterstaat, water boards, the provinces, safety regions, the municipalities and water companies to bring out this app. It is part of a larger campaign to raise awareness for water issues in The Netherlands. These groups want water to be a friend, not a foe of the people.