Small Dutch town Enkhuizen among Europe's worst drug abusers

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The small Noord-Holland town of Enkhuizen is among the European towns and cities with the highest drug use per inhabitant, according to a study done on the drug content in sewage by water boards all over Europe. Per inhabitant, Enkhuizen residents use eight times more amphetamine than Amsterdam residents, RTV Noord Holland reports.

Mayor Jan Baas is shocked by the results and will be discussing it with the council, according to RTV Noord Holland.

For the investigation, samples were taken from the sewage of the town for seven days and evaluated for drug content. To make it easy to compare with other cities and towns, the researchers set the total drug consumption of the inhabitants of each city against the number of inhabitants.

The study showed that the use of amphetamine, also known as speed, is extremely high. In all of Europe, Enkhuizen residents use the third most amphetamine, above large cities such as Berlin and Copenhagen. Compared to Amsterdam, eight times more speed is used.

Cocaine use in the town is comparable to cocaine use in large cities. When it comes to cannabis use, only those in Barcelona and Amsterdam smoke more than Enkhuizen.