Geert Wilders casting his vote in The Hague, 15 Mar 2017
Mar 15 '17 10:09

Many of the political party leaders already cast their votes in the parliamentary election in the Netherlands this morning. D66 leader Alexander was the first party leader to do so. He voted in his hometown of Wageningen, NOS reports.

According to Pechtold, today is an exciting day. "There are four parties that can become the biggest and of those the D66 is the most progressive", he said to the broadcaster. He plans to hand out some more flyers during the day.

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Oct 30 '15 15:00

French National Front Euro parliamentarian Marine le Pen has acknowledged EU that PVV parliamentarian Marcel de Graaf voted on her behalf without her knowledge. She told the European Parliament on Thursday in Strasbourg that, “It is true, he cast four of my votes without my permission”

Provincial election 2015
Mar 18 '15 12:52

By 10:30 this morning 7 percent of voters had already cast their votes in the provincial elections. That is 1 percent less than in the elections four years ago, according to research firm Ipsos.

Mar 18 '15 07:59

Polling stations across the the Netherlands opened for the election of the Provincial Council and water board this morning. Most polling stations will be open between 07:30 a.m. and 21:00 p.m.

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Mar 12 '15 12:22

Train travelers will be able to cast their vote in the Provincial Elections at more than 50 railway stations throughout the Netherlands next week.

Feb 25 '15 18:37

Amsterdam has been named one of the contenders for the new global edition of Monopoly called "Here & Now." Hasbro and Buzzfeed have joined forces in a new project in which people get to vote on what cities make it onto the new Monopoly board.

Sep 18 '14 21:19

Over 4 million Scotsmen will head to the polls today, holding the fate of the United Kingdom in their hands. After waiting 300 years for the chance to decide its own independence, voters will cast either a ‘No’ vote to remain united with Britain, or vote ‘Yes’ to gain independence, throwing off the shackles of their historic oppressors. Across the world, all eyes are turned to the highlands as Scotland takes what might be a gigantic leap into the future.

Apr 16 '14 14:30

Next year, an extra €300 million will be made available for long-term care, the Telegraaf reports. After that, extra the budget will decrease over the years to about €200 million.

Lilian Janse
Mar 20 '14 07:53

Lilian Janse has made history in Vlissingen as she has become the first female to represent the SGP in the municipal council.

Political posters
Mar 20 '14 07:21

Municipal councils throughout the country got an extreme makeover at the local elections Wednesday. The CDA is still the biggest party, but the PvdA and the VVD have had to swallow big losses as they saw their leading positions slip away in many places.

Deep Search, Zissou
Mar 19 '14 13:56

If voting seems to be a joyless occasion bereft of creativity, Den Helder seems to have found a way to make the exercise more interesting.

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Mar 19 '14 13:13

PvdA-leader Diederik Samsom has cast his vote in the municipality of Leiden. At around 8 a.m., his ballot went into the box at care center Topaz Groenhoven, he said on Twitter.

Mar 19 '14 12:37

This election may be suffering from low voter-turnout, but that doesn't mean those who didn't vote already didn't have any fun doing it. This year, selfies at the municipal council elections has been officially okayed.

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Mar 19 '14 10:58

At train stations in big cities, voters formed long queues this morning to vote at the special booths.

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Apr 3 '13 16:34

The city council of Amsterdam wants to legalize the cultivation of weed. This should reduce criminality in the supply of coffee shops and because selling soft drugs is legal but growing isn’t, it would make Dutch legislation more logical.

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