Lilian Janse first female representative, SGP

Lilian Janse has made history in Vlissingen as she has become the first female to represent the SGP in the municipal council. 

The Reformed Political Party has not allowed women to make themselves eligible for the party since it's establishment at the start of the last century.

Several years ago, the High Council decided that the SGP was no longer going to exclude women from the political stage. An appeal to the European Court of Human Rights didn't produce much for the brotherhood of the SGP, and after some muttering and spluttering, the statutes were adapted.

Janse (41) didn't pay any attention to that broken record: politics isn't a place for women. She became frontrunner on the candidate list, joined by several other women, too.

She pays special attention to affordably living and quality education. These are the important issues, not her or her gender. According to the regional paper, the PZC, Janse did not vote for herself on Wednesday. "You don't do that; discretion charms people. Who I did vote for, I'll keep to myself, because I don't want to diminish anybody."