violence against police

Mar 28 '18 09:45

Last year police officers in the Netherlands faced 9,101 incidents of verbal or physical violence directed at them. That means that every day last year 25 police officers were insulted, threatened or physically abused while working, NOS reports.

Mar 12 '18 08:04

A police officer was assaulted and choked in Amersfoort during the early hours of Saturday morning. She was taken to hospital with a severe concussion and injuries to her face. Six young people were arrested, the police said in a statement.

National Police Chief Erik Akerboom expressed his disgust over the incident. "Aggression, alcohol and drugs are too often the cause. Harsh punishment is the only thing that fits", he said on Twitter. He called it "shocking and unacceptable". 

Dec 2 '13 04:32

Punishment for violence against a family member of a police officer will be considerably harsher from now on, according to the Prosecution. The prosecution wants to demand penalties equal to violence against officers themselves.

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