Albert Heijn promotional pans
Jan 25 '17 16:00

Cynthia Harms' pet birds fell dead to the ground while she was cooking with Albert Heijn's promotional non-stick pans. They died of Teflon poisoning, she claims on Facebook. The supermarket chain is investigating the matter, but stresses that the pans are safe when used normally, Albert Heijn wrote in a response on Facebook.

A spokesperson for the supermarket chain told the Telegraaf that they received complaints about the pans and birds from two customers.

Jul 20 '16 08:30

The DuPont Teflon plant in Dortrecht is releasing a carcinogenic substance over residential neighborhoods of Dordrecht and Sliedrecht that threatens the health of nearby residents and workers in the plant, toxicologists said to the Volkskrant.

Jul 12 '16 09:25

The Public Prosecutor is officially investigating the use of hazardous chemicals C8 and DMAc at chemical factory DuPont in Dordrecht, a spokesperson confirmed to news wire ANP

May 18 '16 08:39

Some 800 families living in Merwedepolder, Dordrecht are living atop an old landfill where DuPont dumped their waste, possibly including toxic C8 from its Teflon factory

Apr 14 '16 14:45

The Inspectorate for Social Affairs and Employment is extending its investigation into chemical company DuPont to also include the Lycra factory in Dordrecht. This follows media reports about women who worked in the factory later suffered from infertility, miscarriages and other pregnancy related problems

Apr 7 '16 10:01

The first blood tests on two people living near the DuPont factory in Dordrecht showed that the concentration of toxic chemical C8 in their blood is much higher than the government expected, newspaper AD, who had the blood tests done, reports.

Mar 24 '16 10:51

The Dupont/Chemours chemical factory in Dordrecht exposed local residents to serious health risks for decades with its Teflon production, the RIVM concluded in an as yet confidential investigation RTL Nieuws got its hands on.

Mar 10 '16 14:05

The Inspectorate for Social Affairs and Employment launched an investigation into working conditions at the DuPont plant in Dordrecht following reports of employees being exposed to toxic chemicals, a spokesperson confirmed

Mar 9 '16 09:53

Employees of chemical company DuPont in Dordrecht are demanding blood tests after it was revealed that they worked for years with the toxic substance C8, which is used to make Teflon for non-stick pans. They are concerned about health problems

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