Albert Heijn investigates promotional pans after pet birds' death

Albert Heijn promotional pans
Albert Heijn promotional pans. (Photo: Albert Heijn / Facebook)

Cynthia Harms' pet birds fell dead to the ground while she was cooking with Albert Heijn's promotional non-stick pans. They died of Teflon poisoning, she claims on Facebook. The supermarket chain is investigating the matter, but stresses that the pans are safe when used normally, Albert Heijn wrote in a response on Facebook.

A spokesperson for the supermarket chain told the Telegraaf that they received complaints about the pans and birds from two customers.

"Since yesterday we received a lot of questions about our pans with non-stick coating. We think it is important to state that the pans are absolutely safe for humans and animals in normal use." Albert Heijn wrote on Facebook. "We do know that birds are especially sensitive for fumes that may be released in the preparation of food. We have had contact with the people who had questions. Together with the supplier we will explore what might have been going on in their particular cases."

There is absolutely no PFOA in the pans, a spokesperson for Albert Heijn stressed to The dangerous substance has been banned since 2015. "At temperatures higher than 350 degrees dangerous fumes may be released", the spokesperson said. "It is therefore only at irresponsible and extreme use."

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