suspicious car

Police officers on the street
Jun 5 '17 08:27

Two young girls in Bunschoten and Soest reported being chased by cars over the past days in the area where two 14-year-old girls were found dead in Bunschoten and Achterveld over the weekend. In both cases it happened while the girls were cycling in their home towns. The police are calling on local residents to keep an eye out for a black car in the area of Spakenburg and Soest, AD reports.Bunschoten, Soest, Spakenburg and Achterveld are all located no more than 20 kilometers from each other.

Nov 20 '15 13:40

Only a small amount of drugs was found in the suspicious vehicle that caused quite the commotion in Rotterdam on Thursday night. Rotterdam Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb, who was evacuated from a nearby restaurant after the car was found, is unfazed by the events.

Nov 20 '15 07:28

Rotterdam mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb was rushed to safety on Thursday night after a suspicious car was found near the restaurant where he was having dinner. A SWAT team responded and three men were arrested in a nearby park.

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