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30 km/h speed limit road sign
Mar 25 '19 14:30

RAI, the branch organization for the car and bicycle industry, wants to lower the speed limit on urban roads to 30 kilometers per hour, instead of 50 km/h. This is better for road safety, and will also help lower noise pollution from traffic, RAI chairman Steven van Eijck said to NOS.

Sep 14 '16 10:10

The speed limit for boats on the Amsterdam canals is being lowered from 7.5 kilometers per hour to 6 kilometers per hour as of January 1st, 2017

May 20 '16 14:59

The Dutch institute for public health and environment RIVM is launching an investigation into what effects increasing the speed limit to 130 kilometers per hour will have on air pollution

Mar 1 '16 10:58

Traffic association Veilig Verkeer Nederland (VVN) changed its mind and is no longer against the increase in highway speed limits to 130 kilometers per hour. According to the VVN, accidents don't happen more often at 130 km/h than they do at 120 km/h. Other traffic association ANWB, on the other hand, is demanding more information about accidents happening at 130 km/h.

Nov 5 '15 10:18

Motorists may soon be able to drive faster on more highways. The speed limit will be increased to 130 kilometers per hour on 19 routes early next year.

Oct 28 '15 13:01

Coalition parties VVD and PvdA have agreed to set the speed limit on the entire A2 between Amsterdam and Utrecht to 130 kilometers per hour. The coalition plans to implement this in the Infrastructure and Environment budget discussion.

Aug 19 '15 08:54

The average speed check zone on the A2 highway between Utrecht and Amsterdam accounted for 31 percent of all issued speeding fines in the Netherlands last year, with 48 million euros of fines collected from there. A total of 989 thousand people received a speeding fine on that stretch of highway.

Timothy Broas
Jan 7 '15 17:05

Cyclist group Fietsberaad announced their recommendation that the bike paths in urban areas be speed limited to 25km/h. Anyone wanting to go faster should move over to the roads, says the advisory body created by the Ministry of Transportation.

Apr 7 '14 14:44

The entire inner city of Amsterdam is set to become a 30 kmph zone, which has been decided in an agreement between D66, GroenLinks and PvdA.

Feb 25 '14 09:28

The maximum speed on the A13 at Rotterdam-Overschie and the A10-west at Amsterdam will go down from 100 to 80 kmph at the end of March, minister for traffic Schultz van Haegen announced on Tuesday.

Sep 25 '13 02:37

There is still a lot of confusion about the speed limit on freeways. Many motorists appreciate the new speed limit of 130km/h, but a year after it's introduction there's still a lot of confusion due to the many changes in speed limits.

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