Jan 19 '16 16:20

ActionAid Nederland is accusing oil-giant shell of unethically accepting a 1.7 billion dollar tax rebate in Nigeria, while 110 million people in the country have less than a dollar to spend a day. The organization wants the Dutch government to confront Shell about these tax exemptions in developing countries

Jan 18 '16 08:12

Now that the economic sanctions against Iran are lifted, Dutch companies are starting to look for trade opportunities with the Middle Eastern country. Although Minister Lilianne Ploumen of Foreign trade warns that companies will still face obstacles in Iran, there is much expectation for the opening of the market

Jan 15 '16 09:28

Police apprehended two men investigators say are responsible for a string of armed robberies. One of the crimes was the robbery of an Avia gas station in Borne, Overijssel, where the perpetrator dressed up in blackface and posed as Zwarte Piet.

Dec 18 '15 14:40

On Friday a court in The Hague ruled that four Nigerian farmers and fishermen can sue Shell in courts in a Dutch court for pollution caused by oil spills in the African country. "The Dutch court and this court consider it has jurisdiction in the case against Shell and its subsidiary in Nigeria", the judge said, news wire AFP reports.

Dec 8 '15 07:21

As of January 1st Marjan van Loon will be the first ever female CEO of Shell Nederland. On Monday the oil and gas group announced that current CEO Dick Benschop will take another role within Shell International on the same date.

Nov 12 '15 09:05

A small fire at Shell Moerdijk caused a red glow in the air that concerned local residents on Wednesday night. According to the fire department, the red glow was caused by flaring, which they used to get the small fire quickly under control.

Shell Refueller
Nov 3 '15 15:30

Dutch oil company Shell will divest $30 billion of its assets and business operations over the next three years. This is in response to the recent low oil prices and the expectation that they will remain that way. The past two years has seen around $20 billion in assets sold as well as the stopping of two oil-sands projects in Canada, and drilling for oil in Alaska.

Oct 29 '15 14:50

Dutch petroleum company Shell on Thursday reported a net loss of income of 70 percent compared to the same quarter of last year. The company has been hit hard with $8.2 billion in charges relating to failed and unsuccessful exploration projects in Canada and the Alaskan Arctic, coupled with the current low price of Brent Crude.

Aug 28 '15 12:26

Environmental activists Greenpeace placed a giant banana peel on the roof oil company Shell's office in Amsterdam on Friday morning. This giant banana peel is another protest against the company's oil drilling in the Arctic. "Shell is going bananas and the world needs to know."

Aug 18 '15 11:47

Greenpeace has launched a boycotting action against Shell in response to the oil company receiving the final go-ahead from the American government for drilling in Alaska

Jul 30 '15 09:32

Shell will be cutting 6,500 jobs. Over the pas three months the oil and gas company has been facing a sharp decline in profits, mostly due to the low oil prices.

Shell fire
Jul 9 '15 15:05

Shell Moerdijk should be more critical on safety risks, the Dutch Safety Board concludes in its report on the explosion at the company on June 3rd last year. Two people were injured and a significant amount of damage was caused.

Jun 18 '15 16:29

A reportedly dire situation at the Dutch branch of KPMG is prompting the firm to seek assistance in reorganization from its international office, writes De Telegraaf. The company is facing a decreasing market share and profit margins and a departure of some of its key partners.

Shell Logo
Jun 12 '15 09:35

Shell has dispatched the first ship that is part of the fleet that will do exploratory drilling for gas and oil in the Arctic. The company announced on Thursday that the Arctic Challenger, one of the dozens of support vessels for the oil rigs, has left from Seattle and is heading towards Alaska, NU reports.

Jun 3 '15 11:26

The digitization of the new economy is resulting in rapidly changing job opportunities for holiday workers. While holiday workers are still employed in traditional summer jobs such as bartenders and waiters, they are more and more also being employed in positions that didn't even exist 10 years ago.

Dick Benschop
May 22 '15 16:49

Alaska has large potential oil reserves that the world is going to demand in the future, Shell CEO Dick Benschop told AD. Oil in the region is increasingly difficult to recover, however, the company's technological potential fits the challenge.

Shell fire
May 15 '15 14:28

Shell expelled dozens of temporary workers from their complex in Moerdijk after the staff was caught using soft drugs. The company confirmed the news to BN De Stem.

Shell Refueller
May 12 '15 09:15

Shell is one step closer to being able to drill in the United States arctic. The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management conditionally approved the oil company's exploration plan in the Chukchi Sea on Monday.

May 11 '15 17:45

In the first quarter of 2015, the market value of Dutch companies listed on Amsterdam's stock exchange, Euronext Amsterdam, rose to 735 billion Euros, reports the Dutch Central Bank (DNB). Compared to the previous quarter, it grew by 101 billion. This is the largest absolute increase since the last quarter of 1999.

May 4 '15 10:41

Shell will clean up the oil spill in a heavily polluted area in the Niger Delta. This area is located in Bodo, Nigeria, which has about 40 thousand inhabitants. The company will also carry the costs of the cleanup.

Apr 8 '15 09:59

Shell has put in a bid of about 47 billion pounds (64.3 billion euros) for the British gas firm BG, the two companies announced Wednesday.

Shell Logo
Mar 12 '15 10:21

Ben van Beurden, the CEO of Shell since January 2014, received a bonus of 24.2 million euros for his work last year, RTV Noord Holland reports based on the annual report published by Shell.

Feb 24 '15 09:27

As the gas fields grow empty, the province of Groningen will have more and heavier earthquakes, AD reports. This is according to a scientific report by employees of Shell and the NAM, which was recently published in the scientific journal "Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth".

Feb 18 '15 14:40

Gas extraction in Groningen failed to adequately consider the safety of the province’s residents up until 2013, a report released on Wednesday by the Dutch Safety Board (OVV) says.


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