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Jun 15 '18 15:30

The average senior citizen, 55 years old or older, currently in the Netherlands is less lonely than his or her peers were 20 years ago. They have better social contacts, more often have a partner and their networks are often larger and more diverse, according to a study by social and cultural planning office SCP, reports.

Jun 13 '18 15:40

At least one in 20 Dutch over 65-year-olds who still live at home face physical, psychological or financial abuse, according to a large-scale study among Dutch senior citizens commissioned by the Ministry of Public Health, Welfare and Sports, NOS reports. 

The perpetrator is often a family member, acquaintance or neighbor. In six out of ten cases, the perpetrator is male. In most cases, the abuse occurs more than once. Almost a third of victims report being abused 11 or more times. As they get older, the elderly are more often abused. 

Mar 29 '16 11:20

Most Dutch cities are concerned about a threatening shortage in senior citizens' housing. More than half of the municipalities fear that they will not have enough suitable housing in 2020. Four in ten municipalities already have a shortage, according to a study done by Ipso Facto and elderly organization ANBO

Fire Truck
Apr 6 '15 14:40

Had it not been for two young men, residents of a senior citizen’s home that burned out in Wijchen this morning would not have escaped without serious harm.

Nijmegen fire 2
Feb 21 '15 19:48

Forensic criminal investigators looking into a large fire in Nijmegen have ruled out arson as a possible cause, police announced Saturday. Some 70 apartments were evacuated in the pre-dawn fire on Friday.

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Jan 31 '14 04:33

The Ombudsman for the elderly calls on people to report cases of elderly couples being separated because of an admittance in a home or institution.

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