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Feb 28 '17 14:50

The Amsterdam ArenA wants to play a key roll in the development of the 5G network by launching the super fast mobile network during the European Football Championships in 2020, along with other host cities. Ger Baron, Amsterdam's 'chief technology officer' will make this proposal at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on Tuesday afternoon, Financieele Dagblad reports.

Feb 28 '17 14:15

TomTom is teaming up with electronic chip giant Qualcomm for a self-driving car project, the companies announced on Monday. TomTom will use Qualcomm chips in its system for self driving cars, the Telegraaf reports.

The companies announced their cooperation on this project at technology exhibition MWC in Barcelona on Monday. They did not reveal any financial details.

Oct 11 '16 12:50

Amsterdam will need a complete overhaul before self-driving cars can be introduced in the city in a big way, according to a study Boston Consulting Group did for the Dutch capital. As it is, the city can't handle the increase in traffic self driving cars will cause

Aug 11 '16 13:40

The Dutch government often responds too slowly to technological developments like self-driving cars, robotics and fast growing internet companies like Uber and Airbnb, according to the Central Planning Bureau in a report. If nothing change, the Netherlands will lose its leading position in the IT field, the CPB warns

Apr 15 '16 09:01

European Minister of transports made agreements on having Europe ready for self-driving cars on all public roads by 2019 during meetings in Amsterdam this week

Apr 6 '16 13:45

Minister Melanie Schultz van Haegen of Infrastructure wants new European rules for self-driving vehicles. She would find it nice if Europe can remain ahead of the United States on this field and will push for it at an Informal Transport Council meeting in Amsterdam next week, she said in an interview with AutoWeek.

Self-driving car
Mar 16 '16 08:20

About 50 self-driving cars will be tested on the A2 highway between Amsterdam and Beesd after morning rush hour today

Self-driving car
Feb 17 '16 10:14

A convoy of more than 50 self-driving cars from various brands will be tested on the A2 highway between Amsterdam and Beesd on March 16th, during the day and in between normal traffic. This will be the first major exemption free test with self driving vehicles on public roads in Europe, according to risk management and insurance firm AON who is organizing the test.

May 4 '15 16:49

Dutch navigation company TomTom wants to become the main navigation provider for self-driving cars, chief executive Harold Goddijn told Reuters. He said an overhaul of TomTom’s mapping architecture lies behind the recent successes of the company’s automotive division

Oct 22 '14 14:03

Minister Melanie Schultz van Haegen (Infrastructure and Environment) is adjusting the exemption rules so that large scale tests with self-driving cars and trucks will be possible on the road from next year.

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Jun 16 '14 15:30

The Dutch government wants to have large-scale testing with autonomous cars on Dutch roads, and thereby assume a 'pioneers role' in the development of this kind of technology, reports.

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