Fifty self-driving cars to test on Netherlands highway today

Self-driving car
. A car modified by Google to operate as a driverless car. Source: Flickr/jurvetson (Steve Jurvetson)

About highway between Amsterdam and Beesd after morning rush hour today, Het Parool reports.

The cars will drive from Amsterdam to Beesd, where they will make a stop and then return to the capital. In convoys of five or six cars, they will be driving in between ordinary traffic, determining their own speed and following distance.

The drivers must keep their hands on the wheel, as this is stipulated in the law. But in principle, the cars will be navigating their own way along the curves in the road and around civilian traffic.

The test involves self-driving cars from BMW, Hyundai, Mercedes, Tesla, Toyota and Volvo. They were recently tested on a test circuit in Lelystad.