Aug 29 '17 11:30

Film distributor Dutch Filmworks (DFW) plans to soon start fining Dutch pirates, owner Willem Pruijssers said to RTL Z. Starting in October, the distributor plans to track Dutch illegally downloading or streaming its products. Those caught doing so will be sent a "settlement letter" with a fine amount, which they can either pay or fight in court, according to the broadcaster.

Police sign
Aug 28 '17 15:40

The police seized over 200 illegal media players in The Hague on Friday after copyright watchdog BREIN pressed charges of large-scale copyright infringement against a store in the city. The store sold the media players, which were equipped with pre-installed software that allows the watching of movies and shows from illegal sources, NU.nl reports. 

Jun 30 '17 14:30

The number of Dutch people downloading movies and music is declining rapidly as legal alternatives are becoming more easily available, according to market researcher Telecompaper. In November 2013 a massive 41 percent of Dutch downloaded music and films from torrent sites, in January of this year it was 27 percent, NU.nl reports

Of those who still download illegally, over three quarters said they are doing so less and less. Only 23 percent downloaded more over the past year. 

Mar 9 '17 09:51

Dutch film and television producers are suing the Dutch state for compensation for the financial loss they suffer by illegal downloading. According to the filmmakers, the Netherlands is doing too little to combat piracy despite the European Court forbidding downloading from illegal sources in 2014, NRC reports. 

The media companies feel they lose out on money because the Netherlands does not fight piracy effectively. According to them, the government also provides less funding for the production of new films and series. 

Mar 22 '16 09:54

Copyright watchdog BREIN reached a settlement agreement with a group of pirates called 2Lions Team. The group will pay a total of 67,500 euros and stop uploading copyrighted videos, the foundation announced on Monday.

Mar 7 '16 15:25

The Dutch government is rejecting the film industry's massive 1.2 billion euro claim for damages suffered due to piracy. The Netherlands is not responsible for these damages, Minister Ard van der Steur of Security and Justice stated

Popcorn Time logo (Source: Wikimedia/popcorn-org
Feb 9 '16 10:44

Dutch copyright association Stichting BREIN is once again targeting Popcorn Time, this time about its web version. A newly developed plugin, called Torrents Time, allows users to illegally stream a movie or episode, without having to download it first

Feb 5 '16 11:50

The Dutch film industry is holding the Netherlands responsible for damages they suffered by the illegal downloading of movies. They estimate the damage at 1.2 billion euros. In a letter to State Secretary Klaas Dijkhoff of Security and Justice, the film producers and distributors demand that the government takes responsibility or they will be forced to take legal action, the Telegraaf reports.

Dec 7 '15 10:08

Dutch publishers started the fight against the sale of secondhand e-books. People placing an ad to sell a secondhand e-book on Marktplaats now automatically receive an email from copyright watchdog Stichting Brein threatening a fine of thousands of euros

Popcorn Time logo (Source: Wikimedia/popcorn-org
Oct 20 '15 14:09

Dutch copyright association Stiching Brein’s director Tim Kuik has threatened the users of the illegal movie viewing site Popcorn Time with the possibility of being fined for using the site. Kuik told broadcaster BNR, “It’s totally illegal and viewers are exposing themselves, in principle, to claims from rights holders." Kuik would not be surprised to see fining begin within a month.

Aug 25 '15 13:17

Russia violated international law when boarding the Dutch Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise in 2013 and arresting the 30 crew members on board, and will have to pay compensation to the Netherlands. Greenpeace has filed a compensation claim of 7 million euros plus interest.

Aug 4 '15 14:12

Copyright watchdog BREIN has filed a lawsuit against a provider of streaming media players in an effort to stop the sale of these devices. The case is currently before the European court. Should this lawsuit prove successful, the anti-piracy foundation will turn its attention to other providers

Popcorn Time logo (Source: Wikimedia/popcorn-org
Jan 26 '15 12:15

No other country in the world shows as much interest in Popcorn Time as the Netherlands. In a letter to its shareholders, Netflix states that it is "sobering" that Popcorn Time is almost as popular as Netflix in the Netherlands

Nov 6 '14 11:32

State Secretary Fred Teeven of Justice has responded with little enthusiasm on proposals by the VVD and D66 to prevent illegal downloading of, for example, music and movies.

Aug 1 '14 14:27

The Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise is on its way back to The Netherlands after being seized by the Russian coastguard in Murmansk in September of last year, De Volkskrant reports.

Nov 26 '13 04:32

Greenpeace activists Mannes Ubels and Faiza Oulahsen continue campaigning . Two months in a Russian cell did not break their fighting spirit is, according to the two in an exclusive interview with Nieuwsuur, which was broadcast Monday night.

Nov 22 '13 04:34

The Greenpeace activists in Russia would be offered grace, according to President Vladimir Putin Thursday. They campaigned for a noble cause, but should not have climbed a platform. However, the state should show mercy, stated Putin to state news agency RIA Novosti.

Nov 19 '13 04:43

Three Russians, including a doctor and a photographer, who were on board the Dutch ship Arctic Sunrise, may be released on bail, ruled the court in St. Petersburg Monday

Nov 2 '13 01:56

The Greenpeace activists, detained in the Russian city of Murmansk, are still being sued for piracy. It is not true the indictment has been weakened to vandalism. The indictment of vandalism has been added to the original charge, according to Greenpeace.

Oct 24 '13 00:03

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has not yet received official confirmation that Russia weakens the indictment against the 30 arrested Greenpeace activists.

Oct 5 '13 02:43

Russian embassies around the world have received hundreds of thousands of emails from Greenpeace supporters, on behalf of the Arctic Sunrise crew, sailing under Dutch flag. The environmental organization says on its website more than 700,000 people have sent an email.

Oct 3 '13 00:01

The two Dutch Greenpeace activists, detained in Russia, are charged with piracy. Fourteen of the activists were charged today, all of them with piracy. The other sixteen will hear their charges tomorrow. The maximum sentence for piracy in Russia is fifteen years.

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