Film companies sue Dutch state over piracy downloads

Pirate flag (Photo: Malene Thyssen/Wikimedia Commons). (Pirate flag (Photo: Malene Thyssen/Wikimedia Commons))

Dutch film and television producers are suing the Dutch state for compensation for the financial loss they suffer by illegal downloading. According to the filmmakers, the Netherlands is doing too little to combat piracy despite the European Court forbidding downloading from illegal sources in 2014, NRC reports. 

The media companies feel they lose out on money because the Netherlands does not fight piracy effectively. According to them, the government also provides less funding for the production of new films and series. 

If the court rules in favor of the filmmakers, a claim process will be started. Money that comes from that process will be put into a special fund that will be used to support the creative sector, according to the newspaper. 

Last year filmmakers sent a letter to the Ministry of Security and justice demanding over 1 billion euros in compensation for damages suffered by piracy. The state denied liability for piracy and the amount was not paid.