Few backers for "Popup plan" piracy prevention

State Secretary Fred Teeven of Justice has responded with little enthusiasm on proposals by the VVD and D66 to prevent illegal downloading of, for example, music and movies.

The VVD wants internet users to get a popup warning when they visit a website that illegally offers music and movies. The D66 proposes a so called radio model. With this model providers such as The Pirate Bay will have to pay compensation to artists and composers, like radio stations currently do.

Teeven was not enthusiastic about the VVD's proposal, but has agreed to discuss the feasibility of the plan with right holders and internet providers. He insists that he will not execute the VVD-plan if it means installing a general internet filter.

Regarding the D66 proposal for a radio model, Teeven says that such an approach requires European cooperation, but that "no dog" in the EU is waiting for it. He also points out that the D66 plan will only work if sites like The Pirate Bay cooperates. According to Teeven, that will never happen.

Teeven thinks that it is better to make the legal offer of films and music more attractive. He thinks that responsibility lies with the streaming services such as Spotify and Netflix.