Panama Papers

ABN Amro World HQ
Jun 27 '18 07:56

The Belgian branch of ABN Amro ignored signals that controversial clients may be involved in money laundering and did not do any extra research into these clients because of such signals, Trouw reported on Wednesday based on internal ABN Amro emails the newspaper has in its possession.

Jun 21 '18 08:10

Mossack Fonseca, the Panamanian company that stood central in in the Panama Papers scandal, did not know who its customers were in many cases. A new leak from the company contains 180 new Dutch names, NOS reports.

Jul 7 '17 11:05

The G20 summit is starting in Hamburg today and the Netherlands is participating for the first time in seven years, at the invitation of German chancellor Angela Merkel. And while the Netherlands is excited about taking part in the summit, Prime Minister Mark Rutte and his delegation may face some uncomfortable questions, given the Netherlands' reputation as 'tax haven'.

Jun 12 '17 15:10

Rock bands The Rolling Stones and U2 don't have offices in the Netherlands for tax-evasion purposes, but because of the "specific experience and expertise" the country has to offer, their management said to an investigative committee on Monday, reports.

Apr 19 '17 12:10

Even more Dutch are connected to the Panama Papers scandal than was previously known, according to a new investigation of the Papers done by Financieele Dagblad. According to FD, Dutch trust office Haags Juristen College (HJC) created over 200 partnerships for Dutch in Panama and Seychelles with constructions to hide assets.

May 10 '16 12:10

On Monday night the details of 214 thousand companies and their tax havens were published online in by journalist investigation collective ICIJ. All these details came from the Panama Papers. A total of 322 addresses in the Netherlands were named, 52 of which are located in Amsterdam

ABN Amro
Apr 19 '16 08:56

ABN Amro again surfaced in the Panama Papers. This time in the form of accounts and loans given to companies connected to a controversial billionaire

Apr 18 '16 14:40

For the 100th episode of the TV program College Tour, NTR hosted legendary reporter Carl Bernstein. During the 40 minute-interview at the Theater Carré in Amsterdam, the journalist replied to questions from Dutch university students about the American presidential campaign, the Panama Papers and the Watergate scandal - the investigation that made him and Bob Woodwar household names worldwide.

Apr 14 '16 09:03

Central American companies annually funnel millions of dollars through the Netherlands in an effort to avoid tax. The Netherlands route is particularly popular with wealthy Mexicans and Ecuadorians who use complex tax structures to get their money out of the country. These structures are often technically legal, but "sometimes illegal", according to Trouw and the Financieele Dagblad based on the Panama Papers.

Apr 14 '16 08:42

The 50 largest American companies funneled some 1.3 trillion dollars through tax haven. A significant portion of that went through the Netherlands, newspaper AD reports based on a new report from Oxfam America.

Apr 13 '16 11:19

Finance State Secretary Eric Wiebes is calling on tax evaders to turn themselves in to the Tax Authorities. And to give them some encouragement to do so soon, the fine imposed on tax evaders who turn themselves in will double as of July 1st. "The longer you wait, the more expensive it gets", Wiebes said.

Apr 11 '16 09:21

A majority in the Tweede Kamer, the lower house of Dutch parliament, wants to hold a parliamentary inquiry to gain more information on what is going on in the Panama Papers. The parliamentarians want to know more about tax structures that run through the Netherlands.

Apr 11 '16 08:44

Using foreign subsidiaries, ABN Amro helped hide the fact that private clients own companies in tax havens, Trouw and the Financieele Dagblad reports based on the Panama Papers.

Apr 7 '16 14:15

Bert Meerstadt is resigning as member of ABN Amro's supervisory board with immediate effect, following reports that his name was mentioned in the Panama Papers - 11.5 million documents, spreadsheets, emails and other files leaked from Panamanian legal consultancy Mossack Fonseca that form the basis of a worldwide investigation into tax evasion.

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Apr 7 '16 08:58

Bert Meerstadt, a member of ABN Amro's supervisory board, is mentioned in the Panama Papers - 11.5 million documents, spreadsheets, emails and other files leaked from Panamanian legal consultancy Mossack Fonseca that form the basis of a worldwide investigation into tax evasion.

Apr 6 '16 07:56

Rotterdam attorney and notary firm Ploum Lodder Princen and Amsterdam trust office Infintax helped set up complex tax constructions for foreign companies and wealthy individuals, according to Trouw and Financieele Dagblad based on the Panama Papers.

Apr 5 '16 14:55

Former football player Clarence Seedorf denies any involvement in illegal practices mentioned in the Panama Papers, his spokesperson said to broadcaster NOS.

Apr 5 '16 11:04

Many Dutch small and medium sized businesses set up a company in a tax haven through a Panamanian intermediary. At least 200 offshore companies linked to the Netherlands were active at then end of 2015, Dutch newspaper Trouw reports based on investigation into the Panama Papers.

Apr 5 '16 07:57

Former football player Clarence Seedorf is one of hundreds of Dutch names mentioned in the so-called Panama Papers - 11.5 million documents, spreadsheets, emails and other leaked files that form the basis of a worldwide investigation into tax evasion. Trouw, one of two Dutch newspapers that form part of the investigation, revealed the first Dutch names in the Papers on Tuesday.

Apr 4 '16 11:08

Two Dutch postbox firms are implicated in the so-called "Panama Papers" - the name given to a large-scale international investigation into documents leaked from a Panama based legal consultancy. The documents revealed letterbox companies used by politicians, businessmen and sports personalities worldwide to evade taxes.

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