Dutch PM may face uncomfortable questions at G20 summit: Tax evasion high on the agenda

The G20 summit is starting in Hamburg today and the Netherlands is participating for the first time in seven years, at the invitation of German chancellor Angela Merkel. And while the Netherlands is excited about taking part in the summit, Prime Minister Mark Rutte and his delegation may face some uncomfortable questions, given the Netherlands' reputation as 'tax haven'.

Germany, as host country, put the topic of tax evasion high on the agenda, given recent revelations in the Panama Papers and the like, according to NRC. The Netherlands was mentioned several times in the Panama Papers. And over the past years the country also received international attention over so-called sweetheart tax deals with multinationals like Starbucks. 

The G20 summit is off to a turbulent start with riots and protests from left-wing extremist groups starting on Thursday evening. Several cars were set alight and Molotov cocktails were thrown in riots in Hamburg on Friday morning, according to NU.nl. So far 111 police officers were injured while trying to disperse rioters in the city, the local authorities said on Friday morning. Nearly 30 arrests were made. 

About 20 thousand police officers are on duty in the German city on Friday and Saturday to make sure the government leaders attending the summit can do so unharmed.