Over 300 Dutch addresses in Panama Papers; 52 in Amsterdam

Mossack Fonseca (Photo: Valenciano/Wikimedia Commons). (Mossack Fonseca (Photo: Valenciano/Wikimedia Commons))

On Monday night the details of 214 thousand companies and their tax havens were published online in by journalist investigation collective ICIJ. All these details came from the . A total of 322 addresses in the Netherlands were named, 52 of which are located in Amsterdam, Het Parool reports.

The Netherlands addresses are not necessarily linked to Dutch citizens. And being named in the Panama Papers - 11.5 million documents, spreadsheets, emails and other files leaked from Panamanian legal consultancy Mossack Fonseca that form the basis of a worldwide investigation into tax evasion - does not automatically mean that you are a tax evader or doing anything illegal.

Amsterdam is by far the Dutch city with the most mentions in the Panama Papers, with 52 addresses in the city. A good number of them are located on the Zuidas. There are also addresses on the Keizersgracht, Prinsengracht and Herengracht, as well as fie addresses on Schiphol.

Rotterdam has 13 mentions, the Hague is mentioned four times and Utrecht once. Wassenaar has three addresses on the list, quite a high score in proportion to its small population.

The number of Dutch people on the database is difficult to determine exactly, according to the newspaper. Some names are listed twice and others, such as ABN Amro board member  and football player do not appear under the "Netherlands" filter. There are at least a few hundred Dutchmen on the list, most of whom are not well-known people.