missing persons

Femke Lucas and Sam Bruijs, missing from Bergen op Zoom since 15 Nov 2016. Believed to be in Malaga, Spain
Nov 18 '16 11:15

The fathers of are in Spain helping the local authorties look for their daughters. There are now indications that the two 16-year-old girls are no longer in Malaga, but in Marbella, some 60 km away, Omroep Brabant reports based on information from a spokesperson for the famiies.

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Oct 5 '16 15:30

The police are digging up a hair salon n Haagsestraat in Cuijk looking for the bodies of Jan and Riet Kelders. The couple disappeared in September 1989

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Jul 29 '16 11:05

A human leg was found washed up on the beach in Westkapelle near Joossesweg on Friday morning. The gruesome discovery was made by hikers. The leg consists of a lower part of leg, from just below the knee to the foot. The foot was still wearing a shoe

Apr 19 '16 13:30

Henok and Mahteme Mulu Hagos, the two young asylum seekers missing from Gulpen since Saturday, were found safe and sound in Aachen, Germany, police spokesperson Chris Timmermans said

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Mar 23 '16 13:29

Maastricht family Pinczowski are out of their minds with worry about their kids Alexander and Sascha. The siblings, both in their 20's, haven'nt been heard from since the suicide bombings in Brussels on Tuesday. The two were at the Zaventem airport when the bombings happened.

Mar 23 '16 10:55

Siblings Willem and Karin Geertsma disappeared from their home on Lange Kerkstraat in Terneuzen on March 2nd. They are now listed on the police's missing persons list, as well as on Interpol.

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Dec 31 '15 08:38

A large search for a deaf woman and her three children who went missing in Alphen aan den Rijn on Wednesday had a happy ending. The woman and children were found safe and sound after 10 hours of searching, the police announced.

May 6 '15 10:14

Family members of missing people often struggle with serious practical and financial difficulties because they cannot act on behalf of their missing family member. These family members, Slachtofferhulp Nederland and the Vereniging Achterblijvers na Vermissing are therefore advocating for missing persons to be given a separate legal status.

Dec 27 '13 12:58

Police and courtroom officials regularly use data collected from public transportation cards and an organization monitoring street parking, according to De Telegraaf. The newspaper's investigation into investigation practices found that Translink Systems, the company which runs the OV-chipkaart transit cards, releases confidential customer data several times per week.

Oct 2 '13 00:23

The promotion to recruit new participants for Burgernet (Citizen net), has so far resulted in 100,000 new members since the start 3 weeks ago, reports the Ministry of Safety and Justice.

Jul 8 '13 04:17

The mortal remains of Steffanie Terpstra from Aduard, Groningen, was found, police said on Twitter. The cause of death is not yet known. The police does not think of a crime.

Since Friday, the 22-year-old Steffanie Valerie Terpstra was missing from Aduard. The woman left her house at the Langelaag on Friday, around six o'clock in the evening, in a depressed state. A search in the area by her boyfriend, family, acquaintances and the police did not succeed.

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