Dutch siblings disappear without a trace; Interpol alert issued

Former RAF members sought in Netherlands - Burkhard Garweg (left), Daniela Klette (middle) and Ernst Volker Staub (right) [Photo: Politie]Former RAF members sought in Netherlands - Burkhard Garweg (left), Daniela Klette (middle) and Ernst Volker Staub (right) [Photo: Politie]

Siblings Willem and Karin Geertsma disappeared from their home on Lange Kerkstraat in Terneuzen on March 2nd. They are now listed on the police's missing persons list, as well as on Interpol.

The missing siblings only moved into the house recently. Friends reported them missing after they disappeared without a trace. The police did a forensic investigation at their home, but it did not reveal anything about where the siblings are now. The only thing that is know is that they left their house in their car - a black Peugeot 407 with license plate number 63-RV-HJ. They may have their large dog with them.

"We have reason enough to consider this an urgent missing persons case." Police spokesperson Willem-Jan Uytedage said to newspaper PZC. "It means that this is a priority with colleagues and that they are actively looking for these people. Why it is now considered as a real missing persons case I can, in the interest of the investigation, unfortunately not say."

Friends told the newspaper that Karin moved in with her brother after losing her husband. They were planning having lunch with the siblings on February 28th.

According to the friends, Willem was depressed and Karin said that she had to tell them a secret. "We are going to a new world and you're invited because you are the good guys", Karin said to them. She told them that she got a message from her deceased husband that world war would break out on March 4th. "I remember she said that I was Mary and my husband Joseph. Or vice versa. My husband spoke to Willem but he said there was nothing to talk about. My husband still said 'I'm not saying good buy at all, I'll just say until we see each other again'." the friend said to PZC.