May 29 '18 16:10

Retailer Blokker Holding suffered the biggest loss in the company's history in 2017. The loss amounted to 344 million euros, nearly double the , NOS reports.

Dec 28 '17 14:40

News sharing platform is looking for new investors. The company recorded a loss of 2.4 million euros in 2016, and ended 2017 with a loss of 1.4 million euros. In order to survive in 2018, new capital is needed, Financieele Dagblad reports based on the company's recently published annual report for 2016.

If no new capital is raised, Blendle will face trouble after April 2018, according to the newspaper. 

hema spain
Sep 28 '17 09:17

Hema is for sale, owner Lion Capital announced with the retail chain's quarterly figures on Thursday. In the second quarter, Hema's turnover increased, but the company still suffered a loss. Lion Capital is examining the strategic options, including selling the company. An adviser for the sale has already been appointed - Swiss bank Credit Suisse, RTL Nieuws reports.

Jun 13 '17 14:10

Blokker Holding suffered a massive 180 million euros loss in 2016 - the biggest loss the retail group ever booked since its establishment in 1896, NOS reports. 

The bulk of the loss can be attributed to store closures. Blokker's reorganization in the Netherlands and Belgium and reorganizations at Xenos and Intertoys cost the company over 100 million euros. In addition to that, sales at Blokker, Xenos, Marskramer and Big Bazar were disappointing. Revenues decreased by 5 percent, from 2,076 billion euros in 2015 to 1,965 billion euros in 2016.

Achmea Holding
Aug 11 '16 14:10

Achmea will have to increase their premiums, the management said in a press release with their half-year figures. According to the insurer, this "unavoidable" premium increase is necessary to absorb higher damages caused by climate change

Jul 24 '15 09:44

Despite a slight increase in turnover, the first two quarters of this year ended in a loss for Air France-KLM. In the first quarter the airlines suffered a loss of 559 million euros, in the second quarter the loss was 79 million euros. Turnover increased by 3 percent to 6.64 billion euros. The number of passengers increased slightly in the second quarter.

Mar 11 '15 13:13

The Telegraaf Media Group, publisher of the newspaper De Telegraaf, suffered a loss of 38.09 million euros last year, compared to a profit of 177.9 million euros in 2013. The revenue also decreased from 542.2 million euros in 2013 to 514.9 million euros last year, De Telegraaf reports.

Feb 27 '15 11:52

Despite an 9.5 percent increase in revenue, Fugro suffered a loss of 457.6 million euros in 2014. This is according to annual figures that the company released today.

Dec 26 '14 13:58

Heereveen suffered a net loss of 4.2 million euros over the season 2013/2014, according to its annual report which was published on Wednesday.

Oct 27 '14 10:22

A provision for a possible cartel fine in France and restructuring expenses have pushed courier TNT into the red.

Oct 20 '14 09:27

Philips suffered a 103 million euro loss in the third quarter.

Apr 30 '14 10:15

Air France-KLM has suffered another loss this last quarter. The first quarter loss amounts to €608 million, which is a fraction less than last year's loss of €641 million.

Mar 20 '14 14:46

The political career of Pieter Hilhorst has come to an end after only a year-and-a-half. At the end of 2012, he became alderman for the PvdA in Amsterdam, without any political experience. He resigned on Thursday.

Feb 21 '14 09:42

ABN Amro saw a €47 million loss in the fourth-quarter of last year, but made a total profit of €1.16 billion.

Aug 21 '13 07:15

The Dutch Railways have a net loss of 76 million euro in the first half of 2013. Over the same period last year they had a profit of 147 million euro. This is evident from the interim results of the Railways, which was published on Tuesday.

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