Lady Justice
Aug 3 '17 16:10

Two Amsterdam lawyers were found guilty of violating official secrecy by buying confidential information from a police volunteer. The Amsterdam court decided not to impose punishment though, NOS reports.

The lawyers bought files from the volunteer on road accident and assault victims they represented. In total the 42-year-old man and 60-year-old woman paid several thousands of euros for these files, which they used in procedures.

Apr 3 '17 09:19

Chefs, doctors, lawyers, primary school teachers and managers in business services in the Netherlands experience the most pressure in their jobs, according to a study by Statistics Netherlands.

The statistics office questioned people from common professions in the Netherlands - professions with at least 50 thousand employees - about the amount of work they do and the speed at which they do it. 

The AIVD building in Zoetermeer
Mar 30 '17 09:45

Dutch intelligence services AIVD and MIVD violated multiple rules in the period between October 2015 and March 2016 when eavesdropping on conversations with lawyers and journalists, according to the body that oversees the services CTIVD, the Volkskrant reports. 

The AIVD illegally eavesdropped on three conversations between a target and his or her lawyer, according to the CTIVD. This involved "indirect tapping" - the AIVD was listening in on conversations of a suspected terrorist and in doing so als listened to conversations the suspect had with a lawyer. 

Mar 31 '16 09:16

A massive 74 percent of lawyers in the Netherlands had to deal with aggression and threats at least once, almost double that of a decade ago, according to a survey done by Advocatenblad. Most of the threats and aggression come from their own clients

Feb 18 '16 09:19

The associations for public defenders NVSA and NVJSA filed a lawsuit against the Dutch state over Minister Ard van der Steur of Security and Justice and his rules for representing suspects during police interrogation. According to the public defenders, the compensation is way too low and the rules violate European regulations

AIVD office in Zoetermeer
Feb 10 '16 10:24

Intelligence and security service AIVD unjustly spied on communications between lawyers and clients 13 times between February 2014 and March 2015, according to the annual report by the CTIVD, the committee responsible for supervising the Dutch intelligence and security services

Lady Justice
Dec 22 '15 15:45

From March 1st, 2016 arrested suspects will have the right to have a lawyer present during police questioning, the Supreme Court decided on Tuesday. This means that the suspect must be informed of this right before questioning starts, and can only be questioned without a lawyer if he explicitly waives this right, the court explained

Nov 4 '15 12:45

The Dutch Bar Association is concerned about the fact that the Ministry of Defense is recording calls between soldiers and their lawyers and that Defense departments other than the security agencies may be listening to the conversations.

Ronald Plasterk
Jul 27 '15 14:11

The government believes that the intelligence agencies were not acting unlawfully by eavesdropping on lawyers' conversations with their clients in the interest of national security and will therefor appeal against the court in The Hague's ruling to stop this practice.

Lady Justice
Jul 1 '15 11:57

Intelligence agencies must stop eavesdropping on confidential conversations between lawyers and their clients, the court in The Hague ruled on Wednesday morning.

Jun 17 '15 14:15

A number of Amsterdam law firm Prakken d'Oliveira's clients are refusing to communicate with their attorneys by phone or email because they are afraid that the General Intelligence and Security Service, or AIVD, is listening in

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Jun 5 '15 12:01

Parents are increasingly turning to lawyers to resolve conflicts with their child's school. Lawyers and legal aid insurers are seeing more and more cases of parents who blame teachers for their children's bad grades or think that schools are not doing enough to prevent bullying.

Jul 28 '14 09:01

Injury lawyers say that surviving relatives of the MH17 crash victims could choose to hold KLM accountable for the damage suffered. Since KLM and Malaysia Airlines have a partnership, some passengers with a KLM flight code ended up on the fated Malaysia Airlines plane instead, without knowing it, Trouw reports.

no image
Jul 23 '14 14:19

Banned pedophile party Martijn is going to the European Court to get the ban lifted. The Supreme Court in The Netherlands dismantled the association earlier this year.

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