Ibn Ghaldoun

Hackers or Keyboard users
Sep 5 '14 11:56

The 19-year-old hacker Jair M. from Rotterdam has been sentenced to a prison term of 13 months, 12 of which are conditional. M. haked around 2000 computers, collecting 42 million private files. The Public Prosecution Authority (OM) demanded added psychiatric treatment which, to M.'s relief, he did not receive, the NOS reports.

Jun 6 '14 14:23

A large portion of the students who made use of the exams stolen at the Ibn Ghaldoun school in Rotterdam last year have avoided jail time, but may have to do community service. This comes from an announcement published by the Public Prosecution Authority (OM) today.

May 15 '14 08:02

Completed Visual Arts exams of the Buitenhout College in Almere were stolen. The Education Inspection has therefore had to proclaim these exams invalid, the NOS reports.

May 12 '14 15:57

Some 200,000 pupils in the Netherlands will be taking final exams in the next two weeks. For havo students, today's agenda consists of Art and Management & Organization. For vwo students, the exam Dutch is today. Vmbo-students only start tomorrow.

Feb 28 '14 04:36

Safae K., convicted of exam fraud at the Islāmic school, Ibn Ghaldoun, is not planning on paying the €86,000 the Ministry of Education is presenting her and two other partners-in-crime with, according to her lawyer, Guy Weski, Thursday.

Feb 24 '14 08:17

Livable Rotterdam (Leefbaar Rotterdam) is being accused of racism by local Muslim movement Nida.

Mevlana Mosque Rotterdam
Feb 20 '14 09:38

The 19-year old student from Rotterdam involved in the exam theft at the Ibn Ghaldoun school, will be freed, the court of justice reveals.

Feb 17 '14 21:16

The ministry of Education billed the three main suspects in last year's exam fraud at the Islāmic Ibn Ghaldoun in Rotterdam €86,000 for the extra expenses the ministry was confronted with as a result of the theft.

Feb 13 '14 07:01

The case of exam fraud in the islamic school Ibn Ghaldoun in Rotterdam, will today receive a verdict.

Jan 29 '14 15:22

Aijman El B., a 16-year-old former student of Ibn Ghaldoun, heard a sentence of 1 month probationary youth detention and 60 hours community service against him, Wednesday, for using and distributing stolen exams.

Jan 29 '14 11:26

A bundle of stolen exams from the Ibn Ghaldoun school in Rotterdam is reported to be worth €200, according to case suspect Annas B.

Jan 17 '14 14:13

Final exams will be sent out to schools later and in tamper resistant packaging starting this school year, announced State Secretary of Education, Sander Dekker.

Dec 16 '13 10:31

May have been behind French university entrance exam theft: An 18-year-old man was arrested in Rotterdam, suspected of hacking thousands of computers, is also being investigated by authorities for the theft and distribution of an exam administered to all students in France trying to graduate from secondary school.

Nov 8 '13 16:02

The new Islāmic school in Rotterdam, The Opperd, has to admit four of the five students who went to court over the refusal of the school to admit them.

Oct 18 '13 02:30

Possibly another 23 graduating students have wrongly received their diploma last school year.

Oct 5 '13 03:34

The round-up of some of this week’s most noteworthy events and news stories features: the ongoing effort of Greenpeace to get their crew released, the developments around Oad, and NS still trying to best the Fyra nightmare


Oct 3 '13 00:01

The students of the Ibn Ghaldoun school in Rotterdam stay together this school year. The group is temporarily registered as a branch of a Christian school.

Sep 16 '13 16:50

The round-up of some of this week’s most noteworthy events and news stories features NS railroad maintenance, price increase of train tickets, and the future of Fyra, the continuing developments on Google glass, the stabbing death of a Swedish girl, the concerns around the Oosterschelde storm surge barrier, Netflix entering the Dutch market, concerns about radical Muslims, the Muslim brothers, private policing by Muslims, the uncertain future of Ibn Ghaldoun.

Sep 12 '13 02:04

The Islāmic school Ibn Ghaldoun notified all teachers they are fired per November 1st.

Sep 11 '13 02:06

The Rotterdam education alderman Hugo de Jonge is hopeful about a new start of Islāmic education in Rotterdam.

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