Test cheats fined €86k

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The ministry of Education billed the three main suspects in last year's exam fraud at the Islāmic Ibn Ghaldoun in Rotterdam €86,000 for the extra expenses the ministry was confronted with as a result of the. 'How they want to divide the bill among themselves is up to them,' said a spokesperson for the ministry.

State Secretary Sander Dekker will still turn to the courts if the suspects decide not to pay for the damages. The State Secretary chose to not take part in the lawsuit, so the court could more easily determine a compensation. Ten out of eleven suspects were convicted to community service, Thursday, some of them conditional. One was convicted, but not sentenced. 'You steer clear from final exams. The thieves are not only on record for burglary. They are responsible for our extra expenses. Our tax money. We want that back,' said Dekker, who thinks the court made a clear statement with its sentences. The additional expenses were made for making, producing, and distributing new French exams.