Another 23 names 'exam fraudsters' known

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Possibly another 23 graduating students have wrongly received their diploma last school year.The Public Prosecutor (OM) had several indications of them already having the exams in their possession before taking the tests. For that reason, their names were passed on to the  Education Inspectorate, announced the OM in Rotterdam on Thursday.

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The names come forth from the investigation from the department of justice into the theft of 27 exams at the Rotterdam Ibn Ghaldounschool.

The prosecution already had the names of 42 students in August. Only the names of students against whom the prosecution finds multiple indications for possession of exams, can be passed on to the inspection.

In a letter to the House Secretary of Education Sander Dekker writes Thursday that so far 24 degrees should be withdrawn by school principals. Also, eight students of Ibn Ghaldoun did not receive their diplomas.

Of five students with known prior knowledge, the diploma did not have to be withdrawn because the student either failed or had already returned the diploma Of seven other students there is no proof they passed the exams with insider information.

The theft at Ibn Ghaldoun is the biggest fraud with finals ever in the Netherlands. Eleven suspects in the break-in at the school will appear  in court for the first time on November 7, for a so-called pre-trial preparation for the trial of the case against them, which is scheduled for January next year.

In the study of the distribution of the exams dozens of students from schools in and outside Rotterdam are heard. Three students from Rotterdam schools reported to the police they handed their exams back themselves.