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Hard hat
Feb 14 '19 09:13

Housing corporations are unable to build as many homes as they want due to rising construction costs and a lack of locations, they said in a survey by housing corporations' association Aedes. New construction projects also regularly turn out to be financially unfeasible due to higher construction costs, they said, NOS reports.

Dec 27 '16 10:50

Housing corporations will again start investing more into maintenance and renovation of social rental housing, national association Aedes announced. More rental housing will also be built, NAP reports.

According to Aedes, most housing corporations are doing better. Which means that there is more financial room for maintenance and improvements, such as new central heating, insulation and double glazing. "In the coming year 30 thousand major home improvements of more than 20 thousand euros per home will be carried out", a spokesperson for Aedes said.

For Rent
Jun 17 '16 10:05

The municipality of Amsterdam announced a regulation to financially help low income households in the city who pay a relatively high rent. Amsterdam is the first city in the Netherlands to do so

Social Housing
Jun 9 '16 11:40

Housing corporations association Aedes, the Housing Association and the association of Dutch municipalities VNG are calling for the landlords tax to be abolished. A study by the University of Groningen showes that the tax has a negative impact on the availability of social housing and on households with low incomes,

Social Housing
Apr 11 '16 15:45

Amsterdam housing corporations are working hard in The Hague lobbying for higher rent increases than was agreed upon on in the Housing Agreement.

Social Housing
Dec 15 '15 10:56

Three quarters of Dutch housing corporations noticed a significant increase in disturbances caused by disturbed tenants since the decentralization of healthcare at the start of 2015, according to a study done by housing dome Aedes among 174 corporations.

Social Housing
Nov 6 '15 13:50

The Huurdersvereniging Amsterdam and housing corporations had a tense debate on the continuing shortage of social housing, and their increasing rents on Thursday night. A decision was made that the HA, the housing corporations and the Amsterdam municipality should meet to discuss new cooperation agreements in the housing market, in which less social housing should disappear, Het Parool reports.

Sep 18 '15 13:31

Housing corporations are planning unorthodox measures to provide housing to tens of thousands of refugees with a residency permit in the coming months. State Secretary Klaas Dijkhoff agrees that unorthodox measures are needed to find homes for refugees.

Social Housing
Aug 20 '15 14:43

Stakeholders are concerned that a combination of increasing rental property sail and the small amount of new social rent homes being built will soon lead to a shortage of social housing.

asylum seekers
Apr 1 '15 11:21

More than half of the 25 thousand refugees living in asylum centers across the Netherlands are waiting for the municipality to find them a home, Volkskrant reports. Municipalities claim that they do not have enough vacant rental housing to meet the demand.

Mar 25 '15 10:18

A total of 5,900 tenants were evicted from their homes last year, a 15 percent decrease compared to 2013. This is despite the fact that there was a significant increase in the number of tenants with rental arrears.

Nov 28 '14 09:18

700 private homeowners and 12 Groningen housing corporations are taking the Netherlands Petroleum Company (Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij - NAM) to court.

Mar 17 '14 10:10

For new renters, social housing in Utrecht and Amsterdam has become almost €100 more expensive in the last year. For low-income households, the available homes are more often unaffordable because of this, which has also risen eviction figures, the Volkskrant reports.

Dutch Parliament
Dec 19 '13 04:34

The Senate adopted the housing agreement. The debate focused on the renter's levy, which should yield 1.7 billion in savings. Following objections from Labour Senator Duivesteijn, Minister Block made ​​a number of commitments.

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