government subsidies

Dec 30 '15 16:40

Rotterdam public transporter is becoming more financially sustainable. From 2017 the transporter will no longer need subsidies from the government to keep its subways and trams running, a first for the Netherlands

Wind Farm
Dec 9 '15 13:12

The Dutch government paid millions of euros in subsidies to the owners of illegally placed windmills. One such owner in Schagen, Noord-Holland received 3.2 million euros in subsidies

Oct 3 '14 15:07

In 2013 the government paid 10.4 billion euro to rent, health care and childcare subsidies.

no image
Dec 6 '13 04:31

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will make a one-time donations of 28 million euros to the Royal Institute for the Tropics (KIT). The Tropics Museum will receive 11 million.

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