Over €10 billion paid in rent, childcare subsidies

In 2013 the government paid 10.4 billion euro to rent, health care and childcare subsidies.

In 2013 the Netherlands spent 5.1 billion euro on health care subsidies, double since its introduction in 2006. Fewer households received health care subsidies in 2013, 4.3 million compared to 4.5 million the previous year.

The Netherlands also gave more in housing subsidies. In 2013, 2.4 billion euro went to low income tenants - 6 percent more than the previous year.

Less was spent on childcare subsidies. After the childcare subsidies rose to a high of 3 billion euro, it has now been reduced to less than 2 billion. The government cut significantly into the childcare subsidies in recent years. The subsidy for the first child has shrunk and the income requirements have become stricter.