Fishing boat
Oct 25 '16 14:05

Dutch fishermen are very concerned about the effect the United Kingdom's imminent departure fromt he European Union will have on the industry. In the worse case scenario, Dutch fishermen may be banned from British waters - a disaster as more than half of their catch come from tese waters. They call on politicians to prevent this from happening, NOS reports.

"English newspapers are full of texts on foreign fishermen who have to leave", Johan Nooitgedagt of the Nederlandse Vissersbond said to the broadcasters. "We are very concerned about that."

May 4 '16 11:30

The Nigerian government is taking oil giant Shell Nigeria Exploration & Production to court and demanding just over 6 billion euros in compensation for damage caused by a major oil spill in 2011

Mar 10 '16 14:55

Due to a shortage of police personnel, drug traffickers have free reign along the Zeeland coast, according to Jaap Gelok, chairman of the port triangle in Zeeland and Mayor of Borsele.

Jul 7 '15 10:44

Greenpeace will not be prosecuted for dumping boulders in the Klaverbank in the North Sea, the court in Amsterdam determined on Monday.

May 15 '15 10:10

A number of fishermen are preparing to file a lawsuit against Greenpeace. The action group dumped a number of large boulders into the Noordzee on Tuesday, in protest against "the lack of action from the Dutch government to protect the Noordzee nature". This puts fishermen's safety at risk as a net caught on one of these boulders could capsize a ship.

Niger Delta
Aug 19 '14 08:16

The Nigerian army has raided the place where the rebels who kidnapped four Dutch in May were hiding. For more than a week, the armed rebels held Jandries Groenendijk, Erhard Leffers, Marianne Vos and the Nigerian environmental activist Sunny Ohefe who lives in The Netherlands.

Fishing boat
Mar 24 '14 11:24

Fishermen from Zeeland are not going out to sea on Monday in protest of low pay, following a similar strike in Urk. Fishing boats from Arnemuiden, Vlissingen, Breskens and Tholen are staying in the docks.

Jan 15 '14 04:34

Police arrested 11 people, Tuesday, on suspicion of drug trafficking and money laundering. The arrests took place in several places, among which IJmuiden, Den Helder, Velsen, Wieringen, and Hippolytushoef.

Aug 23 '13 05:24

The inhabitants of Urk do not longer have to be afraid that a part of their precious lunch is lost through an open bridge or water lock. The province of Flevoland has decided to keep all bridges closed around lunch time.

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